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Friday, June 22, 2018

A New World

The solar event that took place Thursday morning was, as are all holy days of Nona Gaia's, a welcome event. In deed. Indeed. As I welcome the swelling buds of summer's arrival, and the transitional blooms of spring, I consider my friends in the southern hemisphere welcoming the arrival of winter, and the waxing daylight to come. I consider this as I welcome the waning daylight, and my long journey home to the darkness if winter.

I couldn't have ordered a more perfect day to welcome summer. And it was a perfect day to wallow about outdoors, to gently witness the magic and Medicine all around me. And to leverage some of the day's solar apex verve for some personal healing work.

As I hung my hat up at the long, long day's end, complete with the morning crown of daisies, red clover, white clover, rue, and sacred sage, I offered gratitude for the simple choices I make, for the simple blessings I hold, and offered a prayer that others may know such blessings in the hard and greedy world we have made manifest. And Nona Gaia responded, "You can remake your creation. Or I can do it for you."

So now I ask, on this first full day of summer, that you join me in Dreaming, Doing, and Manifesting a World in which we can all feel safe, cared for, nurtured and nourished.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Make the Medicine

Just as the last of the transplants are placed in the earth, other plants come full with a demanding shout, "Harvest! Harvest!"

There's motherwort, mullein leaf, and catnip hanging to dry, and cleavers, violet leaf, and red clover blossoms taking turns in the dehydrator.

Every day there's something to harvest.

And yet every day there's moments to sit, be, and b.r.e.a.t.h.e. as I witness the evolution and miracles around me, within me, and those yet to imagine and be witness to.

It's these moments of stillness in which the greatest Medicine is extracted.

Make a moment. Extract the Medicine.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mysteries and Blessings of May

I look at my calendar and offer consideration to this thing we call time. This month of May has afforded me several days that lingered, the kind of days that felt longer than their measure. Know what I mean?

And yet here we are closing in on June.

Tempus fugit is a truth, for this thing we call time does, indeed, have wings. I'm quite certain it has fur as well... of fox and coyote.

So here I sit amid the wild May blossoms as the wings and fur of this waning month remind me to breathe it in. To hold each moment, bless it, and release it to its place in the big mysteries, to share my blessings there.


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's May! It's May!

Dock, Garlic Mustard, Celandine, Forsythia... LoVe from Nona Gaia.

I don't know about your world, but in mine Winter has taken his sweet time exiting his place on the seasonal stage. So even while this entrance of May stills feels his chill, I know deep in my being that the warmth of the season will manifest more tangibly in the coming days. After all, it is May Day! And as this Month enters, it offers the warming elements of our collective reality. And I am grateful, for as much as I feel the season's verve blossoming in my life, I have yet to sense and see its tangible reflections in my own little acre. I look out on this morning of sensual burgeoning and see the daffodil buds still swelling, yet not one in bloom. It feels disjointed, disharmonic, and it is... and also transient. 

Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. There are, after all, no straight lines in Nature. She evolves with or without us. So as the warmth of the sun emerges and shines on this May Day (and it will), let us honor and celebrate the blossoms around us, and within us, for they too are fleeting. Let us sing out together, "All hail the Queen of the May" and dance in the coming of summer with her, with one another, with all Life.


Friday, April 27, 2018

And I Am Grateful

A week ago I split for the weekend to engage an adventure. I met up with 16 other healing spirits made manifest in this realm we call life, only one of whom I knew, and that was from a brief (though meaningful) encounter some 13 years ago, or so. And I am grateful.

It was one of those rare opportunities that are conjured from a place of mystery, a place where everything - every single thing - lines up perfectly. It was one of those rare opportunities for which refusal was not an option. And I am grateful.

This window led me through light and shadow, through hard places and soft, with people, with energy, with the elements, with spirit, in the realm of the big mystery (as I call it), to a new garden of healing potential in which my roots have already sunk. And deeply. And I am grateful.

The weekend, the people, the experiences, the magic, the intelligence, the healing, the LoVe, are forever etched in my spirit. And I am grateful.

I'm still digesting it all, and still have pieces of unfinished gratitude to express. Once that feels complete, the journey - and the story - will continue. And I am grateful.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

April's Medicine

April arrives and I'm still waiting for winter's snowy mantle to assimilate. Nonetheless, this month offers the affirmation of expanding daylight, warming sunshine, and showers of opportunity, clarity, and renewal.

In its own way it's been a comfort, this lingering transition. The season's pace has tempered the liveliness of patterns, connections and potential that have been enthusiastically surfacing for me lately. And that softened Medicine is greatly appreciated. And despite winter's reluctance to move on, there've been moments of deep warmth, sitting outdoors in the afternoon, watching the thaw, the blushing of the tree buds, the waking of the earth. I am so grateful to witness these gifts, for these quiet moments of deep stillness nourish the desired temperance that calms the mounting momentum I feel within and around me. And these Medicine moments activate the vision that empowers my ability to focus on that which adds deep value to my life, your life, and the life of our Nona Gaia.

So, yes, much is germinating, sprouting and expanding this month. Some is known and some is mysterious. Some is joyous and some is challenging. And I prepare to embrace it all.

May you, too, prepare to embrace the burgeoning Medicine that is yours.


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Time Will Tell

The snow is melting, reluctantly it seems, along with these remaining March days.

Time has slowed down for me this week, and I'm so grateful for that. In these days of tempus fugit that we all live in, I'm grateful any time Time relaxes her wings.

This week has offered a more relaxed pace than I'm typically accustomed, and in it I've discovered my own influence on this magic. I, it seems, played a key role in manifesting this enchanting pace. It has also offered me a challenge to test this notion... by recreating it. And so I shall shine my light on the magic of my influence as I nurture a refreshed and renewed relationship with Time.

As for the burgeoning nettles pictured here, they have no apparent relationship to these ramblings. Or do they?

Only Time will tell.



Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring's Light, My Light

Merry spring, friends! Or autumn, as the case may be. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Yesterday's vernal equinox ushered in the season for which I am ripe, as I am ready to cast off winter's dark mantle. The seasonal mantle that feels so cozy and comforting at winter's arrival, and which grows heavy and cumbersome as the season evolves.

I honored the day of spring's arrival with journaling, with seed starting, with making the season's first batch of pickled eggs, with a wee bit of time outdoors, and some quiet meditation. And reflection.

If you follow this blog at all, you might remember my February ramblings where I shared the perplexing binary challenge - silly though it may seem - that I was facing, and how - by the light of the reflective Moon - it offered me an expanded perspective that guided me deep into 
the disquieting alchemy of it, into the need to stir my cauldron with all the contrary verve, and allow it to simmer that it may temper and manifest something delicious from the discomfort.

Time has passed, and space has shifted, and now I'm deep in the verve and guidance of The Hermit, where I find Myself shining My light on the spaces I choose. Dare I say, a seasonal serendipity.

The guidance I've chosen since November has been challenging, sure, yet it has nurtured a deepened relationship (roots) to those things that most nourish and sustain me, and - more importantly
that hold blessed potential for nourishing and sustaining my tribe, my rooted ancestors, my beloved Nona Gaia.

And it's fascinating. I'm noticing patterns more easily. And honoring the Medicine within them. There are dots connecting in serendipitous ways, offering deLIGHTful opportunity. Thanks sweet Hermit! One such opportunity will come to fruition in April as I enter my next guidance phase of The Lovers. I feel a ripening. And I am ready.

So - in this vernal moment - as I reflect on the choices I've made these past several months, I offer you this: When you ask Spirit for guidance, heed it well, and follow its lead, for I am confident that providence will greet you.

EnJOY the journey.