Friday, September 5, 2014

Tomato Love in Jars

First I'd like to offer a big, big dose of gratitude to all the creatives who participated in August heART! I would have expressed this sooner if it weren't for the summer plague that my spouse brought into our little hut. But I had great fun creating art most every day August and visiting the many blogs of those who joined the party. I bow to you all.

As for today ... well, you can see what I've made so far. Now, I'm heading out to the gardens to harvest and prep more sustenance for the dehydrators.

Ciao for now!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

August heART - Peace in Process

Today's August heART is a yet-to-finished meditation in peace. It's a blend of watercolor, gel medium,  pen and acrylics. More pen is yet to come.

With the idea of peace well rooted, I'd like to thank all the creative heARTs who paused to share their work with us this month and hope that their creative expressions bring them healing, evolution, joy and that special brand of chaos that yields more and more creative expression!

On this, the final day of August heART, I offer gratitude.

Be sure to visit our August heARTs and leave them some comments of gratitude. Peace.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August heART - A Little Corner of Paradise

Got home from a sweetly energetic day at the Watertown Farmer's Market, let the dog out, un-penned the chooks, kicked off my shoes, heated up a cup of coffee left over from the morning (I'm not proud), and relaxed on the deck and banged out this sketch of a corner of my beloved deck in order to keep my commitment for these final days of August heART.

Now, to knock off the coffee, and get to processing tomatoes.

I hope you'll visit (if you haven't already) the links (below) of all the gracious creatives who've shared their work with us. They appreciate your comments as much as I do, so be sure to leave them some love.

See you tomorrow for the final day of August heART.


Friday, August 29, 2014

August heART - Corner Space

Last night, after the pharmacology class and before I headed home, I banged out this sketch of a corner space in my studio for August heART. I see now a line that is missing.

I'm confident that I'll make time to add that missing line today, even though I'm already running behind schedule. Yes, I have all my tasks and errands scheduled today. It's that kind of day. And even though it's a hair past 10:00 a.m. as I type, and even though I'm falling behind, I'm still dazzled at my accomplishment thus far.

I've jarred and labeled three quarts of dried veggies, prepped three trays, each, of tomatoes and beans for the dehydrators, cooked up a batch of wonderberry preserves (with lemon peel and rosehips), cooked green beans for a cold dinner salad, strained the chicken stock, and harvested more lemon squash which is next on my list to process. And even with honoring my efforts thus far, I've got to rev up my engines if I'm to accomplish all that must (musts: dislike) get accomplished today.

Wish me well!

And be sure to visit the August heART links below and leave some motivating words of gratitude for our blog party participants. And if you make art and have something you'd like to share, please add your link and join the party!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

August heART - After the Gather

These past few days have been filled to overflow and subsequently have flown by in such a way that I missed a few days of creating art for my own August heART. That's life. And I'm cool with it.

The next few days, likewise, will be overflowing with lists, doings, events, happenings of many varieties. And I'm cool with that, too. And I've committed myself to not missing a single day of these last few days of this blog party.

With that, today's August heART was a quick sketch that I scribbled in one of my journals after a gather (you might say meeting) that I hosted last night. This morning I plugged in some color and added an expression in word-form that came to me after the gather dispersed.

It was, more than anything, a reminder of the vital value in witnessing ... of listening and hearing, rather than be heard, and the choices we make from such experiences.

Now I must get on with these lists and activities, but not before inviting you to join us on these final days of our August blog party and to share some art of yours ... and to visit the heARTful inspirations found in the participating links below ... and to leave some love.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

August heART - Creative Procrastination

Today's August heART reflects a few things that are ... in most ways, one thing.

One is that it illustrates just a few things I've been creating over these past couple of days. Two is how creative procrastination can be. Three is how I created today's heART instead of getting this kitchen table tidied for the next wave of garden delights.

Which I'm about to start.

Then some hot peppers from Dineberg's Farm to get fermenting. Then off to the studio for some blooming Creative Play!

In the meantime, take a peek at all the wonderful heART that folks have been sharing this month! Leave them some love. And be sure to pause to add your link to some of your own heART!

Gotta giddy-up! Peace.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August heART - Warming Dreams

This past week I've been dedicating various forms of meditation to the potential of "Dreams." I use that wording intentionally, knowing full well that it may be interpreted in a number of ways. By you and by me. Consciously or not.

One meditation was rooted in experiential memory. Talk about a chaotic meditation. Nonetheless, the chaos, in all its beauty and mystery, confirmed the obvious: Life is a Dream.

But the process and outcome details of my Dream meditations aside, I'm inclined to share, with a focus on heART, that they have consistently displayed themselves in colors warm-to-hot.

The background for today's August heART was a result of one of those simple meditations. I created it on Sunday in the company of three other dreamers and, once cured, I sketched a section of my studio tea cart.

I may add color to this, I may not. If I do, my sense is that it will be cool-to-cold.

Why? Because this week's meditations have also resurfaced an awareness to nurture conscious temperance in my verbal and written expressions.

With that I turn the reigns to you ... to dream ... to consider ... to wake an awareness ... and to join our August heART blog party ~ by visiting the links (below) and sharing some heART of yours!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August heART - A Way to Wander in Color

Today's August heART is an exercise in practicing the discipline of "simplify one thing," or SOT as I humorously abbreviate it in my planner. Last week I tested the practice for fives days in a row. I focused on one "thing" that would add a facet of simplicity to my life and acted on it. For now, I'm committing to (at least) one a week and this is it.

I chose to add color to Monday's sketch. Simple.

So I have my one SOT accomplished for the week and any others that I choose to act on will be a bonus. Gotta love a bonus accomplishment! And my longer-term strategy is to return to one a day, once winter is upon us and the garden 'n' pantry tasks have waned.

How about you? Have you created any heART you'd like to share with us? If so, add your link (below), and whether you have something to share or not, visit a few of the links, leave some love, and join the blog party!