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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Blog4Peace 2018

Words are important. Knowing is important. Willing is important. These are all part of the dream, and the dream is important.

All these things are true. Truer still is the doing. The walking of the words. For doing is the magic that makes all things manifest.
Recall Peace.

Awaken Peace.

 Create Peace.

Walk Peace.
Do peace.
Be peace.
Manifest peace.

Join Mini and all of us to Blog4Peace.


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Descend, Witness, Share and Heal

Every season invites us to mirror its verve, its behavior, its Nature. And in this month autumn sinks its verve deeper into the warmth and gloom of the underworld.

November is, for me, a time to descend ever deeper into the spiraling web of my own shadows. It’s a time to get intimate with the sticky threads of my often-atrocious darkness. These are not threads of my choosing. These are threads that catch on me. These are challenging strands that summon me into intimacy, that I may know them well enough to hear their whispers and learn their hard lessons, that I may express gratitude for them, and that I may weave them into the light of my world.
It’s a time, too, that I honor the ancestors, and this year it is the ancestors of Nurture and Knowing – the ancestors of earth, and of sky – that summon me. The Nurture ancestors invite me into their underworld so I may be witness to their deep, dark stories. In turn they invite me to share these stories – when the time is ripe – with the Knowing. Together we spin and weave the stories of misery and turbulence with those of wisdom and healing, to manifest the evolving Medicine mantle that comforts me in this life.
This practice of diving deep and honoring the ancestors has been a conscious ritual for the past 24 years, and you’d think it would get easier over time, but it doesn’t. This year's challenge feels harder than ever. The shadows are whispering the arduous stories of Nurture, and so I sit in the darkness, still and quiet, to hear them and hold them in my heart, that I may have them when I reunite with the Knowing.

I adore these dark days of mystery, and the ancestors I meet there, travails and all. Together we make Medicine.
Embrace the mantle of darkness that comes with the lengthening nights of this season. Wrap yourself in it, Feel its embrace, for it is the challenging and comforting embrace of the ancestors of Nurture.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Summer... In Every Season

Autumn arrives tomorrow evening in my part of the world, which makes today the final full day of summer. It has been an active season on all fronts, as they say, and even as autumn arrives, the pace will continue to quicken, especially in the gardens and kitchen.
Already we've put by gallons of tomatoes, canned and dried... and they're still producing. Apples from our local farmers' market are all dried, save the bowl full for fresh eating, with skins and cores fermenting for what should be a gallon of apple cider vinegar. I hope we can snag another big box of apples this weekend. ::nods:: And yesterday marked the harvest of all but the last few fresh leaves of collards for canning. There's peppers, radishes, carrots, cucumber, and other harvests fermenting on the counter, and tomatoes and summer squash in the dehydrator.

We will be enJOYing summer throughout the autumn, winter, and spring seasons, until the wheel of the year turns and summer arrives again. And then some.
This coming week, as autumn takes center stage, I'll be harvesting and processing beets. I'll definitely have to make more kvass this year, as we have one delectable bottle of this jeweled beverage from last year, and I want more. ::nods:: I'm sure I'll make some fermented pickled beets, and borsht, and who knows what else. And some, later in the season, will go into cold storage to see us through the post-frost days.

There's still peppers, winter beans, leeks, onions, carrots, cucumbers, lemon grass, tomatoes, beets, lettuces, chard, eggplant, calendula, basils, shiso, dill, cilantro, and other herbs waiting for harvest. And maybe there'll be another batch of shiitakes before autumn is done with her dance. Not to mention horseradish, poke, chickweed, and other wild friends. And as I consider these things, I'm reminded that before you know it, it'll be time to plant the garlic... and light the first fire to warm our little hut. And I am grateful.

I am grateful to be an honorable steward of the earth, a devotee to Nona Gaia, as I tend the soil around me, the waters, and all our kin. I am grateful for the gratitude the earth expresses with generous bounty to nourish and sustain me and her, in every season.

As I tend to the patch of earth that I call "mine," I pray that others will join me in tending her. She needs our attention, our care, our understanding, our compassion, our penance, our love, now more than ever. In every season.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Summer Preserves

Now... bring me an ale!


Monday, August 27, 2018

Weaving Together

I wore, as is my habit, one of my Spirit Cords to the Women's Herbal Conference this past weekend. It serves as a lanyard, as well as a reminder of my intentions. But I also packed my finger-spun Prayer Cord... the one made with vintage fabrics that came from my Aunt Mary, and leftover fabric from a shirt I made in the 1980s to wear when fishing with my father-in-law (and awesome friend)... the one with thirteen prayers knotted in between the closing knots of creative intention. As I was packing, I was compelled to bring it along, though didn't know why, yet the feeling was so strong that I - as I so often do - trusted the feeling. 

You know what I'm talking about. ::nods::

Then came the drive north, and the homecoming (arrival, if you prefer) and settling-in, and eventual wandering-about. And then there was this... hanging sticks and twine, and waiting scraps of fiber and fabric... a sacred community space waiting to make manifest within a sacred community space along a well-traveled pathway at the conference (within a sacred community space, and so on. Right)? And there it was. I knew why that Prayer Cord came along.
I recall the verve of those thirteen prayers and feel such deep sweetness that it's now part of this community weaving that made manifest over this past weekend. It was magic to be witness to its evolution... to be witness to the beauty that all those prayers, all those intentions, all those wishes and dreams, tears and laughter, hurts and forgivenesses, to all that LoVe weaving together.

The whole weekend.

And still.



Thursday, August 23, 2018

My Way to Medicine

This is one of those days where I look at my gardens, cultivated and wild, and say to them, "Relax. Be gentle in your expressions over these next few days. I will be home soon to bless you, to honor you, and to tend to your generosity, for now I must make my way to Medicine."

And as I express these words I realize that they are, indeed, a blessing. A blessing to "my little acre" and the rooted life within it...  to the spouse, to the dog and the chickens, and to me and the Medicine weekend in which I'll be immersed.

Over the past few days I've been diligent with harvests and preserves, and even tidied up a couple spent beds and added mulch to them as well as to a pathway or two. Even this morning I'm finishing off the tomatoes and squash that are in the dehydrator. There are herbs hung to dry, and more waiting to join them when I return home from the Medicine that is New England Women's Herbal Conference.

I'm driving up today with a blessed green syster, and have two intensive classes waiting for me tomorrow to kick off the weekend. And the rest will be filled with learning and sharing, healing and compassion, drumming and dreaming, and so much more. And for all this I am so very, very grateful.

This Medicine respite comes at the perfect pivotal time for me, just as the gardens are exploding, and just before the mad rush to manage them as the food and Medicine that sustains us through the year. And for all this I am so very, very grateful.


Friday, August 10, 2018

Stillness and Evolution

Over the past couple of days I've been witness to and recipient of energies and behaviors that seem distinctly contrary to the Kindness work in which I'm currently immersed, to the verve I'm nurturing and inviting into my being, my life, my Medicine, my world.

It's fascinating. The experience has reopened portals to mysteries renewed to me. It has turned mirrors toward me, and I face more challenges... to even my own kindnesses... to my expressions, to my best intentions... to my Medicine ways.

This experience was born from a consciously reluctant choice to express myself... to others... in a space I generally remain still.

I'm not sure what it all means in this moment, but I feel a space opening to me where Kindness and Truths are intersecting. And I can feel another portal forming... and I know my task is to prepare for this passage, this next tract of journey.

It's an adventure, this life. It offers beauty and cruelty, forgiveness and hurt, comfort and pain, release and judgement, clarity and confusion... and so on. And so today I pack my bags - both literal and figurative, as serendipity would have it - to prepare for this next tract of journey.

And I shall be still. As the portal forms. As the Good Medicine evolves.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018


This past week has filled my heart with opportunities and "surprises." The kind of opportunities and "surprises" that remind me that the more kindness I nurture within mySelf, the more kindness I see around me. And the more truth I speak, the more truth I see around me. And I am grateful.

Nurturing kindness should be so easy, right? And I feel it getting easier. Yet it is a challenge in this world we live in, a world that seeks to individuate, divide, and set us against one another, that seeks to indoctrinate us that someone (else) is always to blame. It is a challenge when I witness conversations of complaint, or expressions of judgement about things that - in the grand scheme - matter not one iota. It is a challenge. Yet the more I consciously root myself in kindness, the more it becomes part of me. It is a challenge, and work most worthy.

I invite you to give it a go. Nurture kindness in yourSelf. The world needs it. Now more than ever.

We'll revisit the truth at a later date.