Sunday, August 24, 2014

August heART - Creative Procrastination

Today's August heART reflects a few things that are ... in most ways, one thing.

One is that it illustrates just a few things I've been creating over these past couple of days. Two is how creative procrastination can be. Three is how I created today's heART instead of getting this kitchen table tidied for the next wave of garden delights.

Which I'm about to start.

Then some hot peppers from Dineberg's Farm to get fermenting. Then off to the studio for some blooming Creative Play!

In the meantime, take a peek at all the wonderful heART that folks have been sharing this month! Leave them some love. And be sure to pause to add your link to some of your own heART!

Gotta giddy-up! Peace.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August heART - Warming Dreams

This past week I've been dedicating various forms of meditation to the potential of "Dreams." I use that wording intentionally, knowing full well that it may be interpreted in a number of ways. By you and by me. Consciously or not.

One meditation was rooted in experiential memory. Talk about a chaotic meditation. Nonetheless, the chaos, in all its beauty and mystery, confirmed the obvious: Life is a Dream.

But the process and outcome details of my Dream meditations aside, I'm inclined to share, with a focus on heART, that they have consistently displayed themselves in colors warm-to-hot.

The background for today's August heART was a result of one of those simple meditations. I created it on Sunday in the company of three other dreamers and, once cured, I sketched a section of my studio tea cart.

I may add color to this, I may not. If I do, my sense is that it will be cool-to-cold.

Why? Because this week's meditations have also resurfaced an awareness to nurture conscious temperance in my verbal and written expressions.

With that I turn the reigns to you ... to dream ... to consider ... to wake an awareness ... and to join our August heART blog party ~ by visiting the links (below) and sharing some heART of yours!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August heART - A Way to Wander in Color

Today's August heART is an exercise in practicing the discipline of "simplify one thing," or SOT as I humorously abbreviate it in my planner. Last week I tested the practice for fives days in a row. I focused on one "thing" that would add a facet of simplicity to my life and acted on it. For now, I'm committing to (at least) one a week and this is it.

I chose to add color to Monday's sketch. Simple.

So I have my one SOT accomplished for the week and any others that I choose to act on will be a bonus. Gotta love a bonus accomplishment! And my longer-term strategy is to return to one a day, once winter is upon us and the garden 'n' pantry tasks have waned.

How about you? Have you created any heART you'd like to share with us? If so, add your link (below), and whether you have something to share or not, visit a few of the links, leave some love, and join the blog party!


Monday, August 18, 2014

August heART - A Way to Wander

Sadie of ZauberDerLeidenschaft posted some wonderful photographs on her blog of streets that I would love to wander. Since that's not an option in my immediate space and time, I opted to interpret one of them in this sketch for August heART, as a way to wander in my own way.

If you haven't already, be sure to visit and leave a comment or few at the sites of some of our August heART participants. You'll be dazzled and inspired by their contributions. I know I am. And add a link to your creative expression too!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

August heART - A Dream Meditation

Today's August heART was the result of some dream meditation, a purely intuitive expression that was born of color play with watercolors, and acting on the imagery that emerged from that play.

My meditation was simple. Try it.

I close my eyes and envision the colors of my dream/s and then I throw the colors down. I used watercolor crayon, a spray bottle and brush for this expression. As the colors began their melding play I saw a phoenix emerging from a star-sun. But when the paint all dried I saw something else. It reminded me of a horse and a dog. I took a pen and swiftly lined in the image I perceived and this is what emerged. I finished it with simple semi-crosshatching to add a little definition to distinguish background from foreground.

I love creating like this. It's so freeing and nourishing and a few more exercises like this will surely yield some clarity that will benefit me and my dream/s.

What did you create today? Any art? If so, join the August heART blog party and share your link with us! And be sure to visit and comment on (at least) a few of our party participants!


Friday, August 15, 2014

August heART and Mix It Monthly - Crazy Dresses

Today's August heART is a grotesque doodle for Mix It Monthly, where the theme is "Crazy Dresses." And let me just add that when I use the word "grotesque," I do so descriptively (without judgement) and with love (where judgement dare not tread).

I worked with a palette that I had on hand at home, doing my best to stay, if not true, then close to the Mix It Monthly palette prompt.

And this silly journal entry reminded me not only of art I used to make a million years ago (in high school, when I "should" have been taking notes ~ or so I was told), but also of words often repeated, that we do our best with what we've got while we've got it. It's a reminder of free will, improvisation, innovation, conservation, gratitude. And then some.

With that, I invite you to visit the August heART links here to see what our fine "partycipants" have been offering up, and to visit the great artful inspirations shared at this month's Mix It Monthly! And remember, us art bloggers LoVe your comments!

And, of course, if you have some art you'd like to share with us, just add your link and join the blog party!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August heART - Herbal Brews

The sun shone this morning which was welcome after yesterday's heavy rains. It was too wet this morning to start any garden tasks, so I strained and bottled some herbals I had brewing, thus today's August heART

The roofers arrived to continue their work and I took off for my morning dental appointment. All's well on that front. Now I'll tend to the bills, finish preparing for this evening's School of Herbal Wellness class and see if I can't get in the gardens a bit before the class. Sounds like a plan.

So that's what I made and have in the making for today. How about you?

Do you have some heARTful expression you'd like to share? If so, join our August heART blog party and add your link (below). And whether you have art to share or not, click on the blog party links to see what our participants have been up to and leave them some love ~ there's some wonderful herARTful creations to explore!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Autumn heART - A Modicum of Mantel

The much needed rains have arrived, so the roofing dudes probably won't be here today. Though one said they might show up to get the attic insulation done. In any event, their work yesterday was efficient, effective and ever-so tidy. As they were finishing up for the day (just before the sky started spitting) I thought to myself, "even Rita would approve." Rita was my mom. She was ... quite particular.

Between cooking, fermenting, some harvesting and other home-tasks, I managed a quick pen sketch of a section of my fireplace mantel.

I wasn't sure if I'd make time to add the watercolor, so I snapped the ink sketch yesterday. This morning I added color and figured I'd share both today. It's funny, too, how I see some color continuity that was missed in this digital image. I may go back to touch up that detail. Similar to how I saw the missing wick as I was adding color. Details, details.

Today's details will be busted in the afternoon when I take my neighbor to a long-overdue lunch. She retired months ago, and I promised her a lunch at a favored tea room, because lunch is what retired folk (and the self-employed) can do. Maybe I'll do some sketching at the tea room. Wouldn't be the first time snippets show up in a journal!

And if you have some August heART to share with us, be sure to add your link (below)! And for our observers, I hope you're pausing to visit the links and leave them love.