Saturday, December 20, 2014

Win a Nature Inspired Mini Journal in the Great Online Scavenger Hunt!

It's Day 20 of  Annie Kelleher's Great Online Scavenger Hunt and you have another chance to win one of my creations. This time, a mixed media, Nature inspired mini journal

If you're following Annie's Hunt, you know you have to hunt for "clues," in the form of a line or quote from The Ghost and Katie Coyle. These "clues" are hiding in various sites, and you can easily find them on Annie's site

Today's "clue," #20, is from chapter 20 of The Ghost and Katie Coyle and you'll discover it in my collection of Journals and Notebooks. Should be pretty easy to find. Go look!

When you find that quote/"clue", copy it, and email it to and you'll be entered in the drawing to win one of my mini journals at the close of The Hunt!

And … if you discover every "clue" you'll be eligible for the final drawing to win a Kindle Paperwhite eReader!

But for this moment, go check out those Journals , and when you find the clue, email it to, and you'll be entered in the drawing to win your very own Nature inspired mini journal!

While you're hunting you'll also discover Clue #2 here ~ and be eligible to win a handmade Spirit Pouch,

Happy hunting!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Final Preps for the Holiday Open Studios & Guest Artist Event

It's hard to believe that this is the weekend of our Holiday Open Studios & Guest Artists Event at Whiting Mills in Winsted, Connecticut. Once again, tempus fugit!

Now, I know many of you loyal visitors here at the blog are out of my region, yet I am excited for this weekend event, so I beg your forgiveness if this post is of no interest to you. Then again, you may be wishing to transport yourself to my little corner of the world by the end of this entry.

I feel blessed to have studio space within the walls of this historic building ... home to gifted and inspired artists, craftspeople, photographers, woodworkers, unique studios and shops ~ makers and doers of every kind! And this weekend is one of two weekends a year we all join forces to swing our doors wide and open our hearts in unison to our community ~ near and far.

You can learn more about Whiting Mills and "visit" many of the studios here.

As for me, I'll be having a PWYW (Pay What You Wish) weekend in my studio. All my creations ~ craft, art and herbal ~ are priced by the buyer, according to the value they place on the item and in a way that fits into their budget. In other words, make an offer and I'll accept it. This is a fun experiment for me. I've done this with various services over the years, but not with product. I'm looking forward to it!

I'll be serving nettle leaf infusion shots and doing some mixed media "metallic" art demonstrations on Saturday ... and serving Holy Basil shots and opening my heART journals (for all to see) on Sunday.

Not only that, I have two inspired makers joining me in my studio! 

Doreen Breen of Soul Threads will be sharing space on both Saturday and Sunday. She's a maker of unique, one of a kind wearable art. She felts and dyes, and knits and sews, and often combines her many skills into a single piece. So, so, so cool! I have a few of her pieces and love them all! You can see some of her creations here.

Kim Elovirta of Raven's Edge, LLC will be joining us on Saturday to share her herbal-based lotions and potions for beautiful skin. You know I make my own such things, but I also make purchases from Kim. Her lotions are fantastic and her lavender lime soap supplements my own homemade soap coffers. In fact, it was Kim who taught me to make my own soap, so many years ago! You can follow her blog here and peruse and purchase her creations here!

Along with all the resident talents, there will be other visiting artists, crafters, authors and more throughout the studios and the building ... and I always encourage visitors to be sure to take a ride on the historic and delightfully decked-out freight elevator that is operated by the charming and talented Steven Silvester for these events.

Plus, there will be musical entertainment, including one of my favored musicians and storytellers, the inspired Joseph FireCrow, who will be with us both days. What a gift!

So yeah ... today I'm making all the final preparations for this wonderful event. An event that nurtures community, our local economy and so much more.

If you're anywhere near the northwest hills of Connecticut, join us! And if you're not, tell me how much you wish you were!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Win a Handmade Spirit Pouch in the Great Online Scavenger Hunt!

One of these handmade Spirit Pouches is up for grabs in the Great Online Scavenger Hunt giveaway hosted by Annie Kelleher

So, yeah ~ welcome to "Day Two" of the Scavenger Hunt! Each day, for 22 days, if you're following Annie's Hunt, you have a chance to hunt for "clues," in the form of a line or quote from The Ghost and Katie Coyle. These "clues" will be hiding in various sites, all made clear on Annie's site. You can join anytime throughout the 22-day hunt ~ so come on, join us!

My "clue," the SECOND clue, is from chapter one and you'll discover in my collection of Spirit Pouches. Should be pretty easy to find. Go look!

When you find that quote/"clue", copy it, and email it to and you'll be entered in the drawing to win one of these handmade lovelies at the close of The Hunt!

And … if you're diligent in your hunt and enter for every day's hunt "clue", you'll be eligible for the final, "Day 22" drawing to win a Kindle Paperwhite eReader!

So visit Anne Kelleher's website every day to see which website holds the next "clue" to hunt down and submit your entry for that day's prize! 

But for this moment, go check out those Spirit Pouches, and when you find the clue, email it to, and you'll be entered in the drawing to win your very own Spirit Pouch!

Best wishes! And happy reading!


Monday, December 1, 2014

An Invitation to Anne Kelleher's "The Ghost and Katie Coyle" Great Online Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

Today I make you an offer… an invitation to join Anne Kelleher's 22-day Scavenger Hunt. Each day, beginning today, you'll be guided to a website where a "clue" in the form of a line or quote from The Ghost and Katie Coyle will be hiding.

You find that quote, copy it, and email it to for your entry into that day's drawing for that day's prize.

The quote may take some poking around to find, or it might be easy to discover, and giveaway participants ~ like me ~ might make it easy for you to find! The prize may be made obvious, or it may be a mystery. Sounds like a fun adventure, don't you think?

And … if you're diligent in your hunt and enter every day, you'll be eligible for the final, day-22 drawing to win a Kindle Paperwhite eReader!

So today, visit Anne Kelleher's website and poke around her blog to find today's clue … a quote from The Ghost and Katie Coyle's prologue. And be sure to check out all her website pages, especially her "Blogs"page. ::hinthint::

When you find the clue, email it to and you'll be entered in today's drawing.

And hey! Return here tomorrow and earn a chance to win one of my creations as we hunt the clue of chapter one! What say you?

Merry hunting!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Great Online Scavenger Hunt Giveaway Tease and More!

Today kicks off the tease and introduction to the upcoming Scavenger Hunt giveaway being hosted by the one 'n' only, fabulous and talented Anne Kelleher.

I'm psyched about this site-hopping Scavenger Hunt event, spread over an exciting twenty-two days. Why? Well, because I love Annie, and can recommend every story she's ever written, and because I'm participating with one of the give-away options on one of those 22 days!

But ... today, November 26, through November 30 you can get your very own copy of The Ghost and Katie Coyle for free! What better way to treat yourself to a very special read and introduce yourself to the Scavenger Hunt coming up in just four days on December 1st?

So, yeah, get your free copy of The Ghost and Katie Coyle to enjoy over the weekend and to prime the excitement of playing along in the Scavenger Hunt.

Not only will there be daily opportunities to win something fabulous from the Hunt participants, but if you follow the Hunt every day and enter every day, you'll be entered to win the Grand Prize ~ a Kindle Paperwhite eReader! So cool.

So, yeah (again) get ready now by snaggin' your free copy of The Ghost and Katie Coyle by Anne Kelleher ~ you'll not enjoy the story, but it will flame the fires of excitement for the 22-day adventure into the Scavenger Hunt!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Seasonal Medicine of Spirit Cords

As November nudges us ever closer to the apex of winter (in "my" hemisphere, anyway), I find myself craving solitude. At the same time, the season that we collectively share slings me into my community. You know what I'm talkin' about.

For me it is a time of beautiful contradiction that begs me to center my intentions on the harmonics of balance, as I tend to my own needs and cravings while tending to the collective demands. It's a time that reminds me, like clockwork, of the potential hardships innate to our universal connectedness. And the extraordinary gifts born of those hardships.

It's no wonder I'm drawn to spinning my pendant Spirit Cords in this season. Working with fibers is a given, and as we move into the expanding chill of the season the activity sits comfortably in the duality of my cranial hemispheres. But the attraction to the pendants, each carrying energy, representing personal and collective meaning, is a tug that serves both the communal challenges and my desire for solitude.

Generally, I spin my Spirit Cords when I'm home alone, just me and the dog. The practice is always meditative for me. I always chant mantras, channel reiki and spontaneous blessings as I spin, yet working with the pendants seems to add to the wandering element of focus (know what I mean?) that this creative act offers to me. And this ... this consequential interplay acts to intensify the solitude for which I hunger, offering me exactly the Medicine I need in this season.

I like to think that the Medicine I experience in this creative process is carried with each cord that I spin and then, in turn, is translated to the needed Medicine of the ultimate holder.

To me, this meditation, these thoughts born of a creative ritual, offer an extra dimension of consideration and wisdom as I reflect on the challenge and the gifts, the self and the collective. This is the seasonal Medicine of my beloved Spirit Cords.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Flavors of Creation and Gratitude

Every year, as the darkness of night grows longer and the days grow cooler, I'm drawn to fiber. So it's no surprise that I've been busy in the sacred act of creating my little Spirit Pouches. And Spirit Cords, too.

There's something about lighting a fire, brewing a pot of tea and settling into the act of this flavor of creation that settles me, grounds me, and offers me a stable space of peace.

It offers me a quiet time of inner-stillness to ponder the mysteries of life, not the least being consideration to this concept of linear time that we all bought into and share. I mean, it's mid-November. When did that happen?

And I realize that in three short weeks the community of Creatives at Whiting Mills in Winsted, Connecticut will be collectively celebrating our Holiday Open Studios and Guest Artists Event. I still have much to do to prepare for this, but I'm not stressing over it. I'm just looking forward to throwing my doors open that weekend to all who choose to explore some inspiration, empowerment, and more.

I feel blessed for the studio space I have there, for it supplements my home work-spaces, where my full dispensary is rooted, and offers perfect space for classes and workshops.

I'm grateful for the supportive community of creatives there, and for the intimate and extended community of creative, healing, botanical-loving folks that fill the well of Life to overflow.

I feel blessed for it all.

And I'm excited to have two inspired friends sharing my space during the Open Studios weekend, Kim of Raven's Edge, LLC and Doreen of Soul Threads. I'll be telling you more about them in the days ahead.

So if you're in the region of sunny Winsted, Connecticut, I hope you'll join us at Whiting Mills in December ... and I invite you to start your visit at Studio 336!

And if you're on Facebook, join us at our Open Studio Event page!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seasonal Medicine

The recent winds have cleared the leaves from many of my rooted friends. The old, failing swamp maple provides a perch for the crows and gifts them with a clear line of vision to their food mantle on the stone wall ~ the space where we leave them scraps. The crows are an ally on our little acre. They alert us ~ and our hens ~ when predators are about.

Even with so many leaves fallen to their earthy home, there is still much color, with greens thriving in the main vegetable garden.

My environment is filled to overflow with messages and metaphors. My awareness is in high gear and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. This, coupled with other odd experiences, has me feeling a bit off my center.

Truth is, this is exactly where I need to be and these observations and occurrences are exactly the Medicine I need. It is my challenge to settle into it all, and - once again - recognize, acknowledge, honor ... and evolve.

'Tis the season.