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Monday, March 3, 2008

Ball of Yarn?

One trillion plastic bags are "used" every year and only 1% are recycled. My guess is that most of that waste is born right here in the northern hemisphere-namely the wasteful US. For shame. For shame.

I take reusable, washable fabric bags with me when I go shopping. Admittedly, I sometimes forget and so come home with the plastic things and then find myself collecting them because I simply can't justify throwing them in the garbage to momma Gaia. She'd have my ass!

My recycling center takes them now, but still, the energy (fossil fuel) that too frequently goes into recycling this waste is equally challenging to justify to a fierce, yet loving goddess.

So I find myself cutting them up to make balls of "yarn" that will transform into . . . drum roll please . . . reusable, durable, crocheted shopping bags (among other things)! And not a drop of dinosaur used in the process.  I'll post more on the process as it continues and I will be offering free demonstrations on this process at various earth-friendly, earth day type events coming up in the days and months ahead!

So, yeah, today I made a ball of "yarn" that pleases momma Gaia. 

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