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Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm away from my home base, my little hut on the hill, thus the break in daily posting. No images either, I'm afraid. But I'm still manifesting.

I'm still working on my shower curtain rug. It's a portable project, so it travels with me. I unravelled a good deal of it, and then re-crocheted so that it might lie a bit more flat--a desired quality in a rug, methinks. On the the other hand, it may not end up being used as a rug. We shall see what it wants to be when it's ready to be whatever it is!

Anyway . . . the place where I am is high on a hill, a lovely landscape woven with woods and open field and meadow, ponds and running water, light and shadow, beauty everywhere. A GREAT place to wander in Nature. Yet, it seemed quiet and yesterday the boy commented that there weren't many birds here, that it seemed that there should be more. "We just need to invite them in," I replied. So yesterday morning, I spotted a lone blue jay and asked him to invite his friends. My path crossed with a nuthatch and bluebird to whom I also conveyed this welcoming wish. When I was home on my own little acre (to manage and pick up a few things), I paused to listen to the birds. I listened to them, to their melody, to their rhythm, to their laughter, to the beautiful music that they make as they work away at the season's chores. I listened, thanked them, and relayed--yet again--the invitation to join us in this other realm.

Today, there are birds everywhere. Ducks and crows, robins and nuthatches, chickadees and blue jays, and more. It's amazing what pausing to Listen can offer, as well as pausing to Ask.



Unknown said...

cant wait to see it :)!

Kim said...

enjoy your retreat
enjoy your communications with the birds and nature
sometimes they just need to know that they are welcome

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Annie -n- Kim: Thanks!