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Sunday, March 2, 2008

For Face & Spirit

My day's not over yet and there's more to be manifested. I know that this evening will be filled, in part, with creating  recycled "yarn" from old plastic bags . . .  you know the kind. The kind of plastic bags that come from the mainstream super markets, when you go in for two items and come out with them somehow bundled in three bags. This kind of waste drives me crazy and yet it offers inspiration to recycle in creative ways. My hope is that much of that will be expressed here in this very blog.

But more on that, and the ball of yarn I have in the making, later.

Today I made some lovely herbal moisturizing cream, rich with calendula and rose petals, vitamin E, carrot seed oil and essential oil of patchouli. This is my face cream and I love it! I modified my formula yet again--the one that, even though I adapted it from a Rosemary Gladstar recipe, has taken me some seven years to perfect. Perfect the process that is, not the product, for as I learn, I am able to continue to enhance and improve my formula. In any event, I can think of a few folks who have been waiting for a fresh batch, and while I don't yet have "proper" labels for them (still trolling for the ideal software), I'll do the best with what I've got while I've got it. The little jars are lovely, aren't they?

I also made a prayer cord for myself. I have a gratitude cord already and as a spiritual tool, it needs to remain specific to thanks, so I decided I would spin a new cord with new intention with one of my handcrafted impressions of Nature (a bead, of sorts).  And there it is, ready to offer me meditative focus to my dreams, my wants, my needs--my prayers. It, too, is lovely.


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Unknown said...

the little jars ARE lovely - and i cant wait to try the cream!!!