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Friday, March 21, 2008

Harness (for the Winds)

I have nothing to show for myself. Nothing tangible, that is. Nothing in picture form.

I am still betwixt and between, here and there, without my usual implements of technology, not to mention my sewing machine, et al.

I have - yet another - new project started at home. The sewing machine is set up on the dining table, just waiting for my return. My return will allow me to finish stitching together the fringed remnants of that very same shower curtain that will one day - when it grows up - be a rug! Those fringed remnants are becoming - at least, in part - a handbag-ish affair. Just a little something bright and cheerful that I may use to carry the little pieces of my portable life with me as I venture here and there and back again in this fresh season of spring!

So, I've got that to look forward to.

As for today . . . I'll just harness the winds that are gusting in this new-born season . . . and float and fly where ever they may carry me.


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