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Friday, March 7, 2008

A Project in Progress

The ball of "yarn" noted in my March 3 entry grew a bit before I started this crocheted sack. It's only just started, barely 20% complete. I have a ways to go with it and MORE "yarn" to create in order to go the distance.

Because I use my fabric sacks when shopping, I don't collect near as many plastic bags as the average shopper. I have friends promising me theirs, so I will now need to enlist patience as I look forward to finishing this project and using it! I suspect it will last me for years, for it is heavy and tough. I hope my friends gain inspiration to use fabric bags or learn earth-friendly ways to recycle all this plastic.

I started a second round-base sack (that small round in the front) from the lighter-weight clear-plastic bags we often collect our fruits and vegetables in for purchase. This will be a lighter-duty sack, but still one with lasting quality.

So, that's what I made today - a start, a project in progress. I'll post the finished product, though it may be a while, since I'm waiting on the recycled kindness of friends . . . but I'll be posting other creations in the meantime, so check back, will you? And inspire with a comment!

Thanks. Now go manifest something from nothing! 

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