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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yesterday I made headway. Today I make the lists.

Yesterday I began the seasonal closet exploration. The coming of spring inspires many of us to clean out our closets, all too often with the intention (conscious or not) to fill them up again. We sort out our stuff to go to Goodwill, to the recycling center, to the ::gasp:: dump. But me . . . I sort by what I see hidden within that which has served its surface purpose.

I look beyond the obvious to glimpse what might be. I see projects, many projects. Old clothes made new again. Old clothes made into things that don’t resemble clothes at all. I still have more closet to survey and the drawers to get to, but I’ve made headway and I’ve started notes and accompanying lists for the projects that I foresee and the few sewing notions I might need to purchase to make them manifest. Fun vision, this!

I challenge you, look at something old today, and make it new again!

A recent example is that funky purse you see. That was made of pieces from an old patchwork dress, an old mattress pad and old drapery and a very vintage red rhinestone button that was given to me, along with many others, by my Aunt Mary.

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