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Friday, April 18, 2008

I found myself mixing oils and sugars at around midnight last night. This, in response to some odd dream that came to me somewhere between the place of waking and sleeping. As such, I was not surprised to realize this morning that the gentle scrub needed more work. Though I must add that I am thoroughly enjoying the process of its creation.

The precious seedlings are honoring me as I honor them.

And another tray of seeds were started today as anticipation of the last frost rises. A few more weeks. A few more weeks . . . 

Ale for happy hour on the deck with a quickie dip of mashed azuki beans with fresh garden chives and Chinese leeks, chopped with a touch of sea salt. 

Not the prettiest dip, but it sure is good. Good for you too.

Oh, there's more . . . but being even less photogenic than the bean dip, I'll leave it here.

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