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Monday, April 14, 2008


Rack cranberry wine into secondary fermentation container.

Observe the happiness.

Sweet bubbling goodness!

Start Maple Ale.
Oooo-ooooh-ohhh. And there's a shot of Florence - poor old dear is being replaced this week, but a 60-70-year run is pretty good for the old girl. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Eat breakfast. Finally.
Charge re-chargables. Yep.
Put out meat scraps for neighborhood crows. Happy harbingers.
Start Cardamom Ale. Done - looks much like the Maple Ale, only darker.
Draft events flyer. Yeah.
Print labels. Yeah.
Sip tea. Ahhh.
Prep Hawthorne tincture & dried berries for pick up. Done.
Sticker business cards. Yeah.
Make lip balm.
Yeah! Well begun, half done. :)

Make garden salve. Yep - looks a lot like the balms, only in a little glass pot.
Make prayer flags.
THIS was fun!

Sip Porter. Mmmm.
Smash garlic for vinegar infusion.

That's gonna be good and good for ya.

Make dinner. Yummeeeee.
Make love. What else is there, really?
and some other stuff.

A day well invested.


Anonymous said...

oh Rose, you amaze me everyday!!

Unknown said...

i love the prayer flags!!! are we going to sip a bit of homemade brew at beltane? :):):)

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Freshie ~ thank you. Heck, I amaze myself sometimes! :D

Annie ~ THAT's part of the plan!!! :):):)