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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Liquid Love, Bottled

I guess it just the season of liquid love. After all, sap is rising and flowing virtually everywhere in Nature. I feel the flow of motivation in me, just as the maple feels the sap of life flowing back to her fingertips. Oh . . . what she longs to touch . . .

Today I bottled five more bottles of rhubarb mead from the 2006 harvest. That's the last of the 2006 liquid preparations. I must say that it's delicious now, yet with other meads and wines and ales already well aged in the bottles, I'll be able to let this mellow out the full month before popping the corks.

Or will I?

This and more garden plantings: Asian greens, leeks, carrots and more beets. Plus I posted three new listings on my Etsy shop. Now . . . onions, red potatoes and red meat on the grill with fresh wild greens and cooked ones too!

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