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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today I made peace.

I made peace with myself.

I worked in the front yard garden, prepping it with springtime mulch to protect and nourish the little greenies as they return from the Underworld. Chives, thyme, lemon balm, sedum, daisies, horehound, bee balm, chinese leeks, iris, primrose, lambs ears, they all return for their visit to this realm. And they are oh so very welcome. They offered me a nourishment that strengthens.

I put my seedlings out for a spell. Brave little new ones, just making their tender way in this world of light and air, of sun and breeze. They offered me nourishment that yields courage.

I spoke candid words to my mother. I'm not sure that she fully heard them all. But the words I spoke, the feelings I expressed are likely hard for her to hear and digest, so we'll check in tomorrow to see how it all assimilated. For this conversation, I offered gratitude to the guidance and nourishment that I received this day.

I honored the gratitude in expressing enjoyment for another day of first harvests, young chinese leeks and sweet cicely to add to dinner's fresh and vibrant flavors. Nourishment again.

And I feel a sense of peace. It may only linger for this moment, but for this moment I am grateful.


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