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Saturday, April 26, 2008


My participation in earthstock last Sunday afforded me with plastic bags of plastic bags in one very large plastic bag. They had more to offer me, but I took only one. Which was a lot! You see, every earthstock attendee who turned in 10 plastic bags received a reusable, washable, Gaia-friendly, cloth shopping bag. Nice!

Today I finally spent time with these plastic bags and my trusty scissors and began creating balls of plarn - plastic yarn. The day was sunny, so I enjoyed this task in fresh air and sunshine, amid the smiling gratitude of Mama Earth.

This small gesture of up-cycling combined with the blossoming of the violets, not to mention the birth-and-death date of The Bard this past week, was honored with a home-brewed libation . . . a proper Elizabethan Violet Flower Wine.


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