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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scent & Vibration

I love these sprays. For me they are a perfect blend of energy and fragrance. Simple essential oil combined with handcrafted flower essence in a brandy base creates a medium that seems to channel a perfectly designed verve. A verve shared between the physical energies of the plants involved and the intentions of those using the spray.

The essential oil of clary sage and the flower essence of Artemisia vulgaris, the weedy herb that you might know better as mugwort meld in ways that continue to delight me. Whether I am seeking clarity, pursuing dreams, enhancing journey work or meditation, communicating with Nature, and then some, a single spritz combined with my intention ignites the flame of purpose. This is the verve of my Clary Insight spray. For me anyway.

Lavender Bouquet melds a combination of lavender essential oils with the flower essence of lady's mantle to offer a cleansing and clearing vibe that nurtures and just feels safe. Uplifting Rosewood combines the essential oil of--you guessed it--rosewood with the flower essence of wild white rose to raise the verve of Love within while grounding the intention of the heart. I know that to some this sounds corny, but these are my experiences with this sprays.

I used to offer them for sale at The Purple Rose before it transformed from a retail healing center to a dedicated healing center, offering just that - services dedicated to loving healing. I miss that retail piece. So this morning as I made up some clary spray for myself, I made a small batch. And while I was in the place of intention, I made a small batch of each. They will find their way back now, to those who seek them.

Ashe. Ashe.


Unknown said...

all your creations contain elements of whimsy, practicality and a kind of economically creative earthiness that in so many ways expresses your own uniqueness of being. it seems to me that you are using these creations the way i use sentences - not only to share some fundamental offering to the wider world, but also to show more perfectly Who you are. it is such a delightful process to watch. i can't wait to see what you come up with next.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thank you and , , , I love ya.

UmaShezOya said...

I have been looking forward to visiting (and I have this week off!!!) and now it appears I will be shopping as well. I remember in the not too distant past asking about herbs to help heighten awareness while sitting in intention to meditate, read, or such things....and Whala! your a manifestor of needs!!! your own as well as others!!! Thank you for the gift of you!
((hugs)) Sherrie....again

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

and thank you for the gift of YOU!