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Friday, June 6, 2008

Stuff for HerbFest

I made adjustments to the final version of this year's HerbFest tea donation by adding a bit more peppermint and rose petals and love . . .

. . . I brewed it . . . and I sipped it.

Delightful! I just hope it brews as successfully tomorrow as a sun tea as this heat infused cup. I am calling this blend "HerbFest 2008 Tea." It is an intuitive blend of organic lemon balm, raspberry leaf, peppermint, red clover, lemon verbena, pink rose petals and lots of love. It is rare that I mix so many herbs together like this, but this is one of those times I just do what the voices tell me. 

I also made my give-aways. I still have more to do, but "well begun is half-done!" I make these because I like for folks to walk away from the workshops that I offer with a little something to have and hold. 

Now, to gather my drums and rattles, my business cards and workshop notes, these creations you see here, as I prepare and pack for the big day. With that - Hope to see you tomorrow at HerbFest!


Anonymous said...

I loved the tea before you tweeked it. I am sure it is 3x as lovely now. Hope you had a blast at Herbfest. I wish I could have been there.


rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

It was a wonderful day - heat and all! Hope you can make it again *next* year - always the 1st Saturday in June. :)

You can see my HerbFest slideshow at

I hope your day of good works went well also!