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Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks & Honor ... Arte y pico

Thank you so very much Nature Manipulated for presenting me with the Arte y Pico Award. This award, originally started by Esey, was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, be it writing or artwork in all medias. And, I must add, to receive an award such as this from a peer and associate makes it an especially special honor. :)

So, kind readers, I invite you to visit each of the five blogs I've listed below and – if inspired – leave them an inspired comment of your own!

To be listed is considered a “special honor.” The Arte y Pico Award is meant to be paid forward to bloggers who are deserving of it. Nature Manipulated has presented me with the award and I would now like to present the award to the following five blogs.

writers and witches, and words...oh my! at

ArtShapedWorld at

Spirithelpers at

Kittyism is. at

Time with Tascha at

If you have been selected for the award, please pay it forward, following the steps below:

1) Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award based on creativity, design, interesting material, and overall contribution to the blogger community, regardless of the language.

2) Post the name of the author and a link to his or her blog so everyone can view it.

3) Each award-winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award.

4) The award-winner and the presenter should post the link of the "Arte y pico" blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) Please post these rules!

The Arte y Pico blog is in Spanish. To read it in English, click here. The translation is not perfect.


Art for Hair said...

Congratulations, that's great! I'm off to read the other blogs now :)

Unknown said...

congratulations! what a cool idea -- off to check out the winners! :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that you started the blog thread today. I loved the first three posts I've read...the energy is awesome. That salad looks amazing and the cleanser experience...*smiling*. Thanks for sharing!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thanks and - yeah - Arte y pico is a very cool PIF concept. I dig it!

Anonymous said...

so much to read and enjoy now . . .thank Rose! ;)

Rocki Adams said...

A big congratulations! I'm new to your blog, but I can see that this award was well deserved :)

I'll be a frequent visitor here as well.
Happy day to you!
☼ Rocki

Martha Hughes said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing the other great blogs with us. I've already checked out a couple of them.

tascha said...

Thanks so much for adding me :)
Hugs to you!

Sew Bettie said...


Sew Bettie said...


Unknown said...

congrats! thats fun!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thanks and hugs --- all around!

kittyism said...

Congratulations... and thank you so much. I'm speechless.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...


Tammie Lee said...

cheers to receiving this award! You do make wonderful things and all so artfully!

I have just returned from a two day road/camping trip, So lots of catching to do. Will post my choices within a week or so.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you passed it on the Artshaped World...and she passed it on to me! Got to love that...kraut and that sounds delicious!!

Unknown said...

thank you dear rose!!!!!

Unknown said...

how do you make the links work for hte arte y pico blog?? :(((