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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Win a Whimsy

Wow - It's Win a Whimsy Wednesday already!

Today, if you choose to play, all you need to do is leave a comment here sharing what you believe this plant to be (ya know - it's name or something):

That's easy enough. Even so, here's a clue: This is a large plant. It grows tall and is used for many, many, many things!

It doesn't matter if your answer in "right" or "wrong," as long as you leave a comment. In fact, the more whimsical your answer, the more fun we all have!

The winner for this week's random drawing will be chosen tonight (probably quite late) and we'll post that news here (and I'll send a message to the winner too) - so check back tomorrow. Oh! What you could win: A little sample bottle of In the Day spray that I made yesterday.
* * * * *

Thanks to all for playing! Our winner is: Adrienne! Yay!!

* * * * *
Now, a little about this plant . . . it is Prunus virginiana, most commonly called wild cherry or chokecherry 'round these parts. It is a tree, and I was rather high up for the pic. It is used in various ways as food and in medicine making, not to mention wine! The wood is even used in furniture making and other decorative arts and crafts. My experience with the flower essence indicates its use for worry-inspired stress that settles between the solar plexus and heart chakra.

You can start learning more about it at King's American Dispensatory, then take it from there. Maybe make a tincture with some twig and branch trimmings? Have fun!


Tammie Lee said...

I do believe it is dusting wands for gnomes, they use them to keep the earth lovely!

But don't include me in the gift, as I won last week.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning - my guess for this fuzzy flower looking plant would be Japanese Bamboo :) But that could also be my guess because I basically just woke up and am a wee bit fuzzy myself ;)

Anonymous said...

Tree of Heaven? Is it a tree?

Adrienne said...

I think its called an ink berry tree.

Kim said...

chokecherry is my guess

Anonymous said...

I always called that wild cherry or pin cherry but I expected to see a photo looking more skyward for that :)


FloridaSusan said...

Ah, the lovely wild cherry wands! Ours here in Florida are already setting fruits.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thanks everyone! Congrats Adrienne! Now back to our regularly scheduled dreaming, doing and manifesting!