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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Laughter, Love & Peace

What did you make today?

(Don't forget - - - tomorrow is Win a Whimsy Wednesday, so come back for your chance to win . . . something like you see here right now . . . perhaps?)


Anonymous said...

Oh I love those! You're so talented, I'm envious!

Unknown said...

Etsy makes me happy! I made a log of soap and although it didn't come out the color I wanted, it smells and looks wonderful!

Tammie Lee said...

My goodness you are Sooooo multi talented. These are really fun and lively!

Unknown said...

I love those!

Today, I made some activity cards fulled with all of the things my three year old loves to do with me and her sister. Not very creative, but certainly important, as it will help her pick her own activities and have some guided control over her life. Three year olds are such independent things!!

Angie said...

Such inspirational pieces :) (I'll be making paintings today after work) :)

Rocki Adams said...

These have me written all over them! I love'em!

I made more earwires for a special order I received.

☼ Rocki