Google+ What I Made Today: Rice Ale & Garden Peas

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rice Ale & Garden Peas

The Rice Ale, my latest brewing experiment, was ready for bottling today. So nine bottles were primed, filled and capped and sent to the ale cellar to work their magic in private.

The first "real" harvest of peas was realized from the garden today. To honor this botanical event the little green pearls were gently steamed until bright and tender, and served with butter. Just butter.

Life is sweet.


tattytiara said...

I was just remembering the fresh peas from my grandmother's garden. I looked forward to them every year, even more so than the raspberries!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how fresh peas bare no resemblence to the things we call pea that come in a can.

Stela said...

Beautiful picture of the peas! The color is so rich!

Unknown said...

Those peas are beautiful! I bet they were delicious!

Sarah J. said...

Oh, man! You just gave me the biggest craving for peas! And I just ate dinner too. Definitely tomorrow.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Wow! Who knew peas could evoke such responses!

I'm picking more for dinner tonight. :)

Crystal said...

Oooh yum.

I had some delish fresh green beans in my garden, but they stopped producing. :(

Anonymous said...

My mouth instantly watered.

Picking from Aunt Glady's yearly garden on Cape Cod, fresh green pea's. My favorite was the pods, I could eat more than was permitted.

I am enjoying your blog. Welcome to the etsyBloggers. I hope you have found a place to share more of "you".