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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clean Clothes & Preserves & Art, Oh My!

I made several trips down the stairs and back, out to the clothes line and back. One thing about camping is that it does facilitate the manifestation of laundry in degrees, rates and bulk beyond my usual grasp. I lost count of the loads and there's still a couple-few left for tomorrow.

Between loads of laundry I made trips to the garden. Trips to the garden led to time in the kitchen.

I started a gallon batch of dill sours, loaded with garlic and dressed with black pepper corns, cubebs, red chili flakes and bay leaf. A couple weeks will yield NY Deli-Style Sours à la rose. I love how these look as they sit in the brine and begin their transformation. Nature is so beautiful!

I then prepared some 16+ quarts of zucchini and zephyr squash (and one rogue yellow squash) for pickling tomorrow. They will soak in salt water 'til morning. I harvested and cooked some string beans for supper and will grill some zephyr squash as well. There is Russian kale and Italian broccoli to tend to tomorrow.

I made headway in first-of-month bookkeeping and prepared a few more little works of art for my Artfire shop. They'll be listed later. That's what I made today.


Victoria Ann said...

Oh, I would so love to visit your kitchen! Everytime I click onto your blog there are amazing and beautiful creations, fustrating cause I cant taste them!:(

I have a question for you, I hope you don,t mind, But I have a lot of cooking and eating apples in my garden - any top tips on cider making?

madboodesigns x

kittyism said...

Glad you had fun, but glad you're back as well. I just click on your blog and pretend that the dinner I'm eating is actually whatever you have posted for the day. Mind, and maybe eyes, over matter, right?

Btw, I got my witch. She's amazing. She's going right up on the inspiration wall as soon as I blog about her. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Those dills look awesome already!

Anonymous said...

The dills look wonderful.. mm!
as for the laundry issue, I understand what you are going through..honest!

Rocki Adams said...

Oh my... you are absolutely amazing!

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Beautiful! I want to be like you when I grow up LOL.