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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Way

Today I made an herbal balm with oils of calendula flower and comfrey leaf. I made time with stinging nettle in a way I never have before. I made delicious kale, broccoli, salad, potatoes and burgers. I made time for my mother. I made time for my spouse. I made time for myself. I made effort to communicate and negotiate with a very willful four-legged being of love. I made my way into shadow. I made my way into light. I made time and space with spirit.


Anonymous said...

I have two willful four leggeds. I am lamenting the closing of my swimming pool but loving the cool mornings and being able to breathe. I am counting the days until my youngest daughter comes for a few days from California.

Unknown said...

awesome. seems like that's what it's all about.


Amanda said...

i think i need you to teach me how to breathe.. ;).

your blog is always such a peaceful place to be...*sigh* thank you for sharing!