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Friday, August 29, 2008

Tulips TeeTotes

I was poking around one of my Etsy communities and well, let's just say, "stumbled" onto this listing from TulipsTreasureBox
I immediately fell in love with these tote bags, so bright and cheerful and fun! Now, I've been upcycling for a long time, far-far longer than the name "upcycling" has existed, so these certainly held a special appeal to me. I love taking old things that have worn out their intended use and breathing new life into them . . . and that's exactly what TulipsTreasureBox is doing here.

See? Shameless promotion isn't always just for me. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

wow - she has some amazing jewelry as well...the t-shirt thing is very clever - hate wearing regular t-shirts - yet always have this weird "need"/compulsion to buy one when I go to a concert, new city etc...thanks!

Rowan said...

but they don't say "BITCH" on them!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the very nice compliments. Happy, happy you found me!


Unknown said...

These totes look great!