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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Goddess Gift

I made this new spirit cord.

I made her as part of the 31 Days of Halloween that Mrs. B is hosting at her blog during the entire month of October. There, you will have the opportunity to win this goddess spirit cord as well as other handcrafted items by talented artisans.

I think it will be great fun to follow her blog in October, don't you?

Note: For the sake of clarity, I purchased the goddess pendant and simply spun her into the cord.


Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute goddess..You did a wonderful job.

Expressions By Devin said...

Super cute goddes.It looks amazing.You did a aweome job on it

Melissa said...

That's fun!

Unknown said...

that is quite beautiful. i have the cord you made for me on my altar, around my kuan yin, as reminder of all the blessings the cords in my life have brought me. blest be the ties that bind :).

Anonymous said...

:) I am surrounded by your beautiful cords as well...I have the healing goddess I bought at the first FF, the herbal impression cord I received for my b-day and one I transferred a pendant I got at forest folk from Nici - all hanging on cabinet knobs over my computer. I also have several friends who wear them everyday! <3

Anonymous said...

Oh your goddess piece is gorgeous and what a fabulous link, thanks so much!!

TizJu said...

I just love your cords!!! Heck...I just love YOU!!! heehee

Blessed Be my dear sweet tulip!...uhhhh...errrr... I mean ROSE!!! LoL


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful goddess. I love your cords.

melissa said...

Love the goddess!