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Monday, September 15, 2008

Order and Chaos

I made order from various aspects of chaos today. I made a little chaos too! One of my herbal students showed up this morning for apprentice time. I was in the middle of several tasks, most centering around housekeeping and was completely unprepared for her. Even so, I had plenty at hand with which to put her to task, but she took the disjoint as a message from the universe to get a jump on the days errands and reschedule.

So I continued cleaning and tending to bills. Tomatoes were harvested and cooked down for sauce. Beans, squash, kale and onion all went into the first oven casserole of the season.

I made some updates and shifts of a techie nature.

I made three new Spirit Cords and listed them for sale.

That's mostly what I made today . . . 


Kari said...

Those are so unique, how cool!

TheresaJ said...

Love the spirit cords -- really lovely!