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Thursday, September 4, 2008

So Far . . .

Today I start by making a recovery. You see, yesterday I labored in garden and kitchen and put up several cans of various preserves. I love-love-love this! The down side is that I foolishly averted my attention for a flash of a moment and splashed some boiling water on my face. ::many colorful expletives inserted here::
But not before I got to enjoy my little bean-eating canine in action!
I lingered with ice, fresh-frozen aloe and St. Joan's wort tincture as my allies late into the night. I fell asleep with green aloe adhered to my skin. I wake this morning with only pink hints and the slightest lingering soreness at my nose and upper lip. I love my green friends!


And while I have your attention . . . 
I'd like to make an announcement. I have been blessed of late with some very delightful energy, an energy that I truly appreciate and have such sweet feelings for, yet, quite simply, I can not keep up. Not only that, I really don’t like to follow rules.

You see, I have received blog awards from my fellow bloggers and I would now like to publicly thank them and offer them honor in return. So, thank you:

Blossoming Tree Bodycare at

Casbah Kitten at

Rocki’s Rockin’ Blog at for the honor here and at our collective blog, When Weeds Whisper!

So visit their blogs and leave them some love! And I do feel like I’m missing someone, and if I am, I'll make it right! In any event, this rule-breaking-anarchist is truly, truly, truly thankful for the recognition, but I’m simply not following the rules. Because I can.


More later . . . 


Unknown said...

that picture of the canned preserves is pretty cool!

I like the name of your blog too!

Unknown said...

your canning is lovely! your pantry must be gorgeous...not to mention your cutie canine!

Rowan said...

That would explain the green mustache... Ouchies!

TC said...

I should write down the steps I take to arrive at blogs so I could inform their owners of how I found them; but I don't.

Regardless, I loved the picture of your canned goods and felt so bad for you when I read about the mishap. Thank the good Lord you're okay.

You mentioned "not following the rules" which is something I mentioned in my latest blog entry.

Anyway, if you have time, stop by and say hello.

Peace (of my garden)

Unknown said...

its like rainbows captured in jars! so glad to hear your lip is better :).

Tammie Lee said...

I feel happy that you have the wisdom to nurture your burn right away!

I love that you wrote this post the day I shared your link in my post. Dear deer lady,I so understand you doing it your way and not having enough time...
Honoring what feels right!!!

sending you love,

Sweets 'N Greets said...

Awesome picture of the preserves...the colors are amazing! And that little furry friend of yours is quite a dorable. I have two rotti's who are vegetable freaks!

Good to hear your lip is feeling better :-)

Rocki Adams said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the hot water - ouch! But happy to hear it is doing better.

I so wish I could can - it seems like so much fun and rewarding. You know how much I love your photos - it's like I'm right there with you :)

Oh, my friend, you are so very welcome for the award and am happy that I could contribute to your many awards!

Happy Friday!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thanks everyone, for you comments. I really enjoy reading them all and do my best to respond in some way - here or elsewhere.

Thanks too for the well-wishes! Burns suck!

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

Oh my gosh! Several months ago I was sterilizing bottles. One slipped out of the tongs and splashed into the pot, sending boiling water onto my unprotected face, mainly my eye area. I feel your pain. Glad your recovery is moving along.

I understand how the other bloggers could feel the same way as I did with the awards. You have a wonderful blog worth recognition.:)