Google+ What I Made Today: Fire, Progress & Squeals

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fire, Progress & Squeals

Fire cider, version one.
Progress on a project in process.

Squeals of delight when I opened the package that contained this sweet little peace pot and bonus flower ornament!

Visit fellow PeaceNiK, to see more lovelies like this!

That's what I made today.


Unknown said...

what an adorable little basket!!! i managed to make a bit of progress myself!!!!

Cat in the Foxgloves said...

What an adorable little basket!

Divaeva said...

hehe - aren't little packages that arrive awesome - even the expected ones!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Oh, I got my surprise in the mail today, too! I could smell the sage right through the wrappings and the envelope!

Thank you so much!! It smells just amazing!

Friendlyhands said...

Found you on etsy... I enjoyed reading your blog...way cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hieee just wanted to say nice blog you have here! Enjoyed. n_n
Happy creative tuesday!

Mary Ann said...

I love surprises in the mail. I've been making slow, but sure progress on something I'm working on too.

April said...

I would've squealed too...awesomely cute

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Yes - the peace pot is simply precious!

Mrs B - enjoy! The heavens know you deserve it. :)