Google+ What I Made Today: Treasures

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I made treasures today. The re-melting of the crumbly soap with a touch of added water worked out nicely ... I impatiently cut them today and I'm pleased with the outcome and the lessons learned.
I bottled 13 bottles of cranberry wine.
I made two loaves of cinnamon, cardamom, raisin bread. Yummilicious!

I finished three new ACEO pieces and listed them in my Etsy shop ...
So many treasures! And speaking of treasures, I also snagged a Treasury for my Etsy PeaceNiKs Team. Check it out and leave us some love!

Ashe. Ashe.


Unknown said...

oh my that wine is gorgeous!!! the loaves and soaps look yummy too :)))

TiLT said...

very nice - everything looks great!
And that wine and bread....yum!

Gave love to your treasury - even found an Xmas gift there:)

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Dang, I feel like such a slacker seeing all you did today!

That soap looks fabulous!

storybeader said...

great name for a team! You've been busy - all that food and wine, yum! and artwork to boot!

Very Mary said...

Oooh! I love the look of your soap!

Luthien Thye said...

the soap looks good enough to be eaten :) what lovely things you made... wish i had a life like yours *sigh*

*embarassed* do you think you'll like to post the soap making formula here? i would love to try and make some :)

Crystal said...

Soap and wine and bread, oh my!
So mcuh chemistry in the magic you make!

Bianca said...

You are ridiculously productive. I will use you as a guide.

Girl Meets Needle said...

I totally added the salt to the bread. Totally! :)

Although, it is possible that I didn't add quite enough. I kind of eyeballed it.

Hrmm...this does bear some thought.