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Friday, December 26, 2008

I made chewy-tug-fetch toys for my sweet Halley. I made four of them actually, out of an old fleece pullover that I picked up at Goodwill at least two years ago. It was pristine when I purchased it and was still in good condition, despite some ingrained stains, but I don’t wear it anymore because I just get way too fiery warm in it! I made these toys even as I wait for the tug-o-war braid with the tennis ball that I purchased from Woof Purr Creations. Actually, I ordered two. Halley LOVEs them!
I used up the last of my 2007 stash of comfrey leaf oil by mixing it with a bit of chickweed oil and making a few jars of a nice soothing, cooling, healing balm. Calendula is next! (I really should post this on When Weeds Whisper, huh?)
I made progress on my projects for the Suzi Blue class that I’m taking, part of which involved prepping these lovely scraps of handmade recycled paper that I purchased from Claudia’s Creations. These will be embellished with little goddesses and at least one will be part of a card. 

That's what I made today.


Divaeva said...

absolutely fabulous - just like you my sweet Rose! <3

Beth said...

The chewy toys are a fantastic idea! What a great way to use something like that.

Kim said...

Thanks girlfriend!
I just added my name to google alerts so I could know when I was mentioned online...and the very first one is YOU! Your blog is adorable (especially love the banner) and love the embellishments to the handmade paper.
Halley rocks!

Kim said...

P.S. They were mailed this morning with a little something extra!!!
Happy Holidays!

Shell said...

You made awesome things today. Halley is looks so happy with his toy.

Kim said...

Halley is a lucky dog. The cream/balm looks wonderful.