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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silly Policy Nonsense

This blog is mine. I write it, I take the photos for it, I occasional promote my own work, my business, my studio and stores. I sometimes brag about and promote the works and efforts of others, yet I do not accept any form of cash or compensation for advertising, sponsorship or other mentions. The work or services that I may mention here on occasion that are not mine would be best described as the direct result of pleasure that I've experienced, be it a pure experience or one resulting from a product or service that I purchased. My blog, my experience ... no compensation, no persuasion, no claims of expertise.

Should I ever receive compensation in any form for any product or service that I mention here (on my blog) I will adhere to the rules and regulations (and persistent oppression) that apply to my personal blog, in that I will state clearly identify it as such, be it paid or sponsored content. And I suppose I should also mention that this blog that is mine, that I write, edit and so forth, does not contain any content that may present a conflict of interest.

Silly, eh? Yet, there it is. Compliance ... an often irritating, disempowering endeavor ... and - sadly - a "necessary" evil.

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