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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something to Sip On

Today I made something to sip on. 

This was a day that started out like so many others. Calm. Cool. Uneventful. Ya know? And yet, I found myself early-on feeling like a Bond martini.

And as a martini drinker I know how horrific that is.

But, I'm feeling better now. Thanks to time ... and a little something to sip on. And a little something to hold. And appreciate. And love. 

Ashe sweet friends. Tune in tomorrow for the final leg of the piece of peace give-away.


Lucas said...

I'm on vacations now. I'll just write more.
Thank you! You encouraged me. :D

Anonymous said...

How absolutely lovely! I've honestly never had a martini, can you believe that? All those delicious flavors and I've never tried one. Will have to get around to it one of these day.

Thank you for sharing your peaceful moments.♥

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Lucas ... You encourage me too!

And manamoon ... if the flavor is anything other than juniper it is *not* a martini. :D I am a shameless martini snob and any drink IMO that has anything in it but gin, a hint of vermouth and an olive or twist is not-Not-NOT a martini.

To the bartenders of the world: Serving a cocktail in a martini glass does not make what's in it a martini. Geesh!


Divaeva said...

LOL - I am grey goose, vermouth and 3 olive martini kinda gal - sometimes I do get fancy and add feta stuffed olives! *yum!*
haha - I bet that is surprising eh?