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Thursday, December 11, 2008

This & That

The boy had made more frames from scrap stock and broken frames salvaged from the dump, so I continued the finishing. I'm finishing some up new-like and others I'm leaving distressed. I like distressed.
Then there's the bread dough ... rising.
And then the bread ... baked and waiting (and really yummy!).

The kitchen renovations take off ...

... and cabinet number one is fully prepped at day's end.

And now I sip some warming tea that's just perfect for this chill, damp day. You can see it here.

Tomorrow I should have some art journal fun to share. Emphasis on should.


LiPeony said...

The frames look nice! I like how they look worn and antique like. The bread looks delicious... unfortunately my oven is broken. The kitchen looks like it's shaping up and it sounds like today you had a very full day.

Hope you're taking a break and relaxing =D

Divaeva said...

Can't wait to see what goes in those frames!
The bread looks yummy too - making my tummy grumble!

tascha said...

OH YUM! My tummy actually growled when I saw that freshly baked bread!

Tammie Lee said...

Wow that yellow bread is stunning and I want to eat it!