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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Win a Whimsy Wednesday

Over the next three weeks I will be concluding my weekly give-away. No worries, I'll continue Win a Whimsy, but on a monthly schedule, rather than weekly. More on that in 2009.

With the winter holidays culminating and a new calender year swiftly approaching ... with the daylight waxing and the moonlight waning ... and waxing again before the calendar flips ... I'm giving away PEACE. Energetically, this feels good and right.

One little ACEO print each week ... This week, Restoration ... next week, on Peace Day, (or New Year's Eve, if you prefer) Renewal ... followed by Regeneration on January 7, 2009. 

So today, leave a comment ... on PEACE - what it means to you in this moment and you'll be entered to win this week's whimsy, Restoration.

Congratulations Tammie Lee! For those of you who don't know this beautiful spirit and very talented photographer, please check out her blog, Spirithelpers and the her shop by the same name (especially if you need beautiful note cards for your "thank yous!").



Kim said...

Peace, knowing my children are safe, knowing I am where I'm supposed to be at any given moment, a sense of harmonious balance in the world.

Tammie Lee said...

Hello Lady Rose,

In this moment peace is to rest gently with grace within myself. This supports me to have peace with all life.

sending you love on a snowflake
and your art is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I was just stopping by to wish you a wonderful holiday season and realized it's your Win a Whimsy Wednesday, where has this week gone?

For me peace is always associated with joy; the joy of having all my work completed, the wrapping and baking behind me and the joy I experience in visiting all of the wonderful blogs I visit each week. These all bring a sense of peace to me.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year Rose filled with love, laughter and an abundance of peace.♥

Erica Sastre said...

Peace... Hm, I've been thinking and questioning what this word means to me lately. I'm not so sure anymore. Peace of mind... Peace of action... world peace, peace for all. Serenity. That all has something to do with it. I know that I can feel peaceful, when I know I give and receive love. I know that I feel un-peaceful when I'm unsure of myself, of love, or unloving actions are taking place around me, or when I think of unloving actions happening to others. I wonder how far our personal 'sphere' of peace and love extends, how much should it? I guess in my pondering I answered the questions... Peace is Love. but Peace is not just a word or truth, Love is truth, Peace is the challenge of achieving the truth of Love in all things.

Lucas said...

In this moment peace is feel happy, share dreams and happiness, love, harmony, and everything good that you can feel. It's stay with family and friends,(or alone), and have a good time with them. We can find peace looking to trees and feel their magical being. Staring at the moon and the stars, read a good book and listen to relaxing music; something that will go through your mind and soul.

Divaeva said...

ahhh, peace,sweet peace! Working in retail, peace is Christmas day when you FINALLY are able to sit back and relax. No miseralbe shoppers pestering you with crazy email and phone turned off...relaxing with friends and family -ahhhh, peace, sweet peace!

Shell said...

Peace for me right now is being lost in a creative moment and feeling free.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Peace is finding contentment in an unsafe and unkind world.
Many Blessings to you this season. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Thanks for playing!

And for those of you who celebrate the day today - merry christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Tammie Lee!!

Unknown said...

To me, Peace means inner tranquility, a smooth pond with no ripples, nothing bubbling up from underneath.
It also means that there is no fear, no want, no hate.

Tammie Lee said...

Rose, you have begun my snowing xmas morning with a lovely gift that makes a smile rise from my heart to yours. So much fun winning your fantastical art!

Your blog is a wonderful place for me to visit. I love seeing what you are making, creating. You inspire me constantly! Thanks for your love and heart-full support for what I share!

big hug

Lisa said...

Hm, on my way is more like it. I was struggling but I am rehabilitating myself. Life's just difficult at the moment, but its the challenges that make us stronger and teach us to appreciate what we can hold on to. So I really have no complaints =]

Random Musings said...

Peace- Surrendered heart that reflects my total trust in God's plan for my life!