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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Win a Whimsy Wednesday

For someone who was up-n-at-em before 3AM, it sure took me a long time to post this week's give-away! I was waiting for good photo daylight, and with heavy cloud cover, and snow falling now, it's as bright as it's gonna get and these photos will have to do.

This week's whimsy is a book cord, a spirit cord for marking pages in a book, spun in a sacred manner, this time with PEACE in my heart. I've been using these cords for years to mark pages, especially in my Book of Mirrors (journal, if you prefer) and my Book of Shadows (my book of spirit, rite and ritual). 

This cord is strung with a little green faerie of peace.

To enter this week's give-away, leave a comment to this post ... any comment really, yet I'd love to hear what plans of Peace you have for "next year."

(And Win a Whimsy will become a monthly give-away.)

Have a safe and happy flip of the calendar!


Congratulations Autumn Knitter - you won
the Peace Faerie!

Thanks to you all for sharing your beautiful and playful
selves with all of us here ... 

as for your inspirations of peace ... just dream it, do it
and make it manifest!

Blessings to you today and every day!



Anonymous said...

Ooohhh I get to be first! Hmmm, plans for peace in the new year. I'm planning on reconnecting with the nature spirits all around me and they always instill a sense of peace in me. The peace of trees especially.

Laura Rose said...

Well, isn't peace what fairies are all about after all? with just a sprinkling of mischief mixed in!! I'm planning to start from within in '09..if truth be told, I began at samhain.

templarlady said...

a i love your work. Plans for peace- definitely out in nature, and do more with essential oils and natural herbs.Jane

Lucas said...

That's beautiful!!!
I received my whimsy on monday.
Thank you soooo much!! I really like the piece of peace.. :D

sewmary said...

Oh I love it!! I just found this place, and peace and fairies are what it is all about!! oh, that next year will be just that...
Can you imagine!! I am going to recharge my sense of peace daily, nature is the best energy there is...and hope to give it away in smiles, and the inner security of PEACE.
I thank you for this site that I just happened upon today! What a great end to the year, and what a new beginning to dwell on!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful place marker!...
wouldn't it look nice in one of my books?!.....

As for plans of peace....
I love the concept of peace but,as a bustle-y kind of person, I find peace is something that comes sandwiched between slices of stressful chaos + joyous activity. I guess peace for me is knowing that peace is one part of the balance of my life, being in it when it's with me + knowing it will come again when it's not on the current horizon...

And being at peace with that :-)

peace with you all, to whatever degree your life allows

Cathy k

Anonymous said...

I was just stopping by to grab your blog link so I could let my friend know who I purchased that fabulous peace sign drawing from for Christmas and saw is was Win a Whimsy Wednesday. This is gorgeous! Please count me in, thanks!

My plans for peace are never changing, basically living the creed in all I do and giving as much as I can to others through encouragement and gratitude.

Wishing you a very happy secular New Year! All the best ~ Sharon

Shell said...

A beautiful giveaway. Wow, you have been up early!
For 2009, I want peace in my heart. I've had a hard time in my romantic life. I just want my heart to feel at ease and peaceful again.

Anonymous said...

Peace-ful New Year to you also, as for plans for Peace, holding that space deep within, as within so without being the aim. Journaling, hmm perhaps blogging, about my thoughts and experiences with peace to be sure it remains a focus. I have much enjoyed your own focus upon the topic Rose, as always Thank you for the gift of you!!! and count me in, shes beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gesture! My plan for peace in the new year is to be aware. I find peace when I make time for self-reflection. That's when I see long term and lasting change in my life.

Alice Langholt said...

Peace in the new year involves letting more light in through energy work and enlightenment. And also being more patient with my 4 kids! Your art is lovely.


rockcreekcreations said...

It's neat that you spin with thoughts in your heart. It makes it much more meaningful than I spun this while watching jerry springer and yelling at the neighbor. Sorry for the humor.

My plans of peace is to raise my children with a feeling of peace and love in their hearts.

ArteDar said...

Awwwww,little green faerie of peace is beautiful. I really need more peace in my world. If should be the lucky winner I would make it a ritual to honor her everyday and ask for more Peace in my will help my loved one too.
Peace and Love, ArteDar

Anonymous said...

How pretty! You always come up with lovely items.
I think that in 2009 im going to work on the inner peace aspect of my life. Im going to try to make time to knit more, write daily, and cook all the time! (i get a kitchen of my very own this year!)

Girl Meets Needle said...

What a lovely thing to send out for a New Year!

We could all use a little peace in this world.

I plan on connecting more with Mother Earth, and connecting more with the Craft itself as unfortunately I've spent little time on it this past month...and the Goddess has really been looking out for us during the year too. She deserves better.

Anonymous said...

My plans for peace are to stay calm in stressed situations, to prevent emotional explosions from happening. This will be good to keep the peace !!!!!
Have a great 2009 !!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Peace...what a beautiful thought!!! and awesome piece!! Love her!!
For me and the new year, I wish for peace within my family (I have a 15 y/o and she can be bit of a handful!), peace for my patients that suffer so and peace for me. I seem to be a bit lost and need to regroup and find me again in a place of peace. Peace to you and yours!!!

Holly Pia said...

Plans for peace...

I plan to find peace of mind in a life released from clutter and unnecessary baggage.

I plan to bring peace to my spirit by distinguishing between what is truly important and what is just a momentary bleep on my radar (i.e.- do I really need to buy that? Will I be happy in 5 minutes?)

I plan to create peace by setting my SMART goals and changing my life- increasing my business income and improving my methods, decreasing expenses and allowing myself to relax.

I plan to bring peace to my family by giving myself permission to pamper myself and destress.

I plan on aiding peace in my community by providing regular donations to the soup kitchen, assisting children and individuals as I can and by encouraging those who are still buying, to buy from local and/or small business and improve our local economy.

And I think that will be just a start!

Go me!

Holly Pia

Kim said...

She's beautiful and would make a great addition to my growing book pile next to my bed. I am at some stage of reading in all of them and have scrap paper marking most of my places. Peace - I'm making in my heart by practicing to let it slide off - the bad vibes that is.

Autumn Knitter said...

Your are a wonderfully talented woman!! I am hoping that the New Year will help me find the Peace within to get over my depression and anxiety.

Hyla said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I really want to win it! I have a little fairy of my own, her name is Guinevere but we call her Pixie and we have another baby on the way (our 4th child) and if it is a girl her name will be Willow Fae! Now I totally have to check out your shop!

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

For peace this year I plan to practice staying in the now. Try not to worry about what if and enjoy what is.

For some reason i can't sign in to blogger so I signed as annonymous.

I'm Sherree from Suzi blu class

Thank you,,

Beth said...

That is a beautiful bookmark. The fairie makes it even more so.

You know, I have a peaceful life already. I have a wonderful husband, great kids and am so blessed. So I suppose my plan would be to build on it and to continue with it.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!
Peace? I will keep sending messages of peace and painting art transmitting peace!
Sherry Byrum

Gaia Star said...

Fairy Beautiful

Laura said...

That is so lovely! I hope to practice peace in the coming year, by becoming more calm and centered.
Wishing you a Blessed and Happy New Year!

nici said...

Ah Rose you make such wondrous whimsies...
I just started my very first moleskine art journal; wouldn't she be a sweet keeper of my place in the book?
Every day for me is an exercise in keeping the peace: between myself and the husband, the oldest son and the youngest, the two cats. We study the fine art of forgiveness at close range. Working toward a masterPeace, every day.
Thank you for all you are my friend.
bright blessings in 2009!

Divaeva said...

My plan for peace in 2009 is to find peace with myself. I am certainly hardest on myself in every aspect...but that will soon change - each day it changes for the better!
What a beautiful bookmark - and I just received the most beautiful journal from my sister - it would be perfect in it!
Have a fabulous 2009 filled with peace, love and lots & lots of happiness! <3

diana said...

Hello WalkintheWoods!

First, that is a lovely whimsy you made! I love green. It is a very nice alternative to the ribbon bookmarks I have in my BOS.

Good choice for the contest! plan(s) for peace in this coming year would be, I would say, to keep on doing what I have been. Know when to say something to keep the peace; know when NOT to say something to keep the peace; make a joke about the situation to "keep peace"; to remember to practice Random Acts of Kindness (especially before & after work! :D)so that others will remember what I did for them and pass it along.. find inner strength to keep peace in our house especially this year as my husband just got laid off and things will be understandably stressful.
Well, that's about it, or enough? lol.
Best Wishes this New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2009 !!! May all the things you hope for and the plans you make, come true this year !!!


rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...


Happy 2009 to you all!!!

Thanks for playing and for sharing your thoughts, your feelings, your humor about PEACE.

I wish you all much peace in your lives and in your worlds this year - and always!


Janet said...

I am a bit late but here goes. Plans for peace.. After a year of major transition. I am ready and able to be peaceful. Gunk is gone the new is exciting. My plan: Be open. Peace will happen... I am really ready ... I can make a sprit book cord... It will be my start...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Autumn Knitter!! What a gorgeous treasure to win!

SleightGirl said...

Sorry I'm too late for the give away, but I just wanted to say that the fairy is simply beautiful!