Google+ What I Made Today: More Preparations

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Preparations

Today I made more preparations for tomorrow's Pamper workshop, as well as some items for a couple of clients ...

And I've got more still to make! Somehow friends fell to the bottom of the list. Tsk. Tsk. 

I made my blog background black again - we're still too deep in winter for all that light. And besides, I love the dark.

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Unknown said...

i keep meaning to tell you about your wonderful SOAP!!!! not only does it smell heavenly, it lathers like a dream... and it leaves me feeling soft!!!! i love it!!!! if that's your first batch, i can't imagine how you could possibly improve it!!!! its amazing!!! well done!!!! xoxox annie

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Wow Annie - Thanks a whole bunch-and-then-some!

The Boy used it for the first time the other day and said, "Wow. It's just like real soap."

Guys are so ... guyish. Poor things. And still ... I keep one around! :D

Kim said...

I can't wait for the pampering class. The basket of stuff looks delightful. I haven't tried your soap yet but can't wait. I am enjoying the soap sack you made me. I had a bucket of soap scraps I was going to melt into a new bar. No need now - it works wonderfully. You're just... awesome!

Unknown said...

i see cheryl vincent in simsbury... she is really wonderful and has helped me through a lot! so sorry to hear aobut your back!!! sending you lots of healing energy and happy thoughts :))))

Tammie Lee said...

Oh your workshop sounds like wonderful fun.