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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Progress ... I Think.

Today I made time with a friend. For the second day in a row  found myself sitting in friendship, sipping hot tea.

I made progress on a number of things. I think. Ya know? It was one of those kinds of days. Errands and shopping took over as a priority when I learned that snow and ice would likely consume the next couple of days. The progress on the kitchen renovation spurred some new chaos with displacement of the contents of the lower cabinets. I added some smoothing layers to those sweet little goddess figures that I'm making. And I started a new page in my art journal. 

I'm looking forward to building on this!


Unknown said...

wow... i can't wait to see it in person... i sent in my registration for forest folk and put three possible things to teach.. .so let me know what you're interested in and i will be happy to send in a description...if i'd stopped to write the descriptions, i'd never have gotten it into the mail!

Kim said...

what color - I can't wait to see what it evolves into