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Monday, January 19, 2009

Serendipitous Discoveries

If you've been following this foolish blog at all (bless your heart) you're likely aware that I've been sifting-n-sorting though all that fills the little room that I call my dispensary. In this room are shelves of bottles, and they're the least of my concern, at least as far as this particular sifting-n-sorting task goes. Also in this room are client and student files, current and not ... formula and recipe notes, both tried-n-true and not ... class and workshop notes, past and present ... books ... materials ... supplies ... and more.

I'll keep it brief. I was going through a file, when a string of serendipitous events occurred ... I found an old and useful Reiki/chakra chart that I used to use with clients, and I have such a client this Saturday - she called for that appointment earlier today ... I found old hand-written notes for a workshop series on Plant Spirit that I had done a few years back, and this week I have to write up my Plant Spirit workshop and bio for this year's HerbFest (I better take a look at those old notes before submitting anything!) ... I found a medicine pouch that held a very special maple pendulum that has been missing for quite some time ... and I found - are you ready? - my copy of Formulas of the Melissae and all my mead-making notes from 2005-2006!

Apparently the gift left for the Faeries the other day after my initial Discovery had a greater influence than I intended on those frisky little angels of the underworld - and on me.

I wonder what discovery I'll make tomorrow?


Unknown said...

wow.. want to come to my house and hunt around? :)

Laura Rose said...

you and your fairy friends are welcome at my house too!!!

Lucas said...

It's good when we find things! :D
I really like when it happens with me.
Wish you a good week! :D

Lucas said...

WOW!! I few moments ago, when I was reading what written in the paper of the photo, I saw that poem by Blake!!
My English teacher gave me that poem last year, and I had to translate him!
It is funny...

Anonymous said...

How cool. Unfortunately I seem to have more mischievious fairies at my house and they usually hide things! In the oddest places!!

Kim said...

Yipee,'s great to have such a wonderful relationship with the fairies.