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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time & Space

Today I made time and space to do a Soul Card reading for a client. I made time and space for a client who stopped by to pick up some herbs. I made time and space to meditate, exercise and enjoy the sweet-n-simple pleasures of Home. 

I made time and space to pick up the rental car that will serve as my chariot for a mom-visit. Her birthday is Friday and the weather looks agreeable for travel to the great white north of NY state. So, kind reader, I will have limited internet access over the coming week ... so not much-if any at all-blogging ... but I will have lots to work on, including drawing-drawing-drawing, as well as lots of mom-love-n-care-n-stuff.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

... Hard to Say ...

What did I make today?

That's a good question.

It's hard to say.

I invested the better part of my morning procrastinating. I prepared some herbals for a client and then headed south for birthday cake and coffee to celebrate my mother-in-law's 80th birthday. Today is her special day and it was a most enjoyable afternoon, listening to her and two of her sisters recall their memories growing up in West Torrington. 

That's pretty much it. So I guess I better go eat some supper and get busy making something!


Monday, February 23, 2009


For several years I've noticed a surge of foul cursing during the first quarter of the calender year (as mildly exhibited in yesterday's blog entry). Today, I made notice of the pattern and realized the connections. It was a true "duh! moment."

Today I completed what I hatefully call phase two of 1st quarter tax prep. With both me and The Boy being self-employed, all the hoops and foolish tracking and reporting that the government requires can really get to ya, especially in this season, when quarterly and annual efforts overlap. In any event progress was made, and I can now focus on pulling together all the foolishness that our CPA needs to work her magic so we may file the annual income tax. Even a little piece of that was tackled today. So all-in-all I feel pretty good about these hateful things. And I even now know why the cursing flares. I figure I'll just be creative with it and enjoy it - the foul language that is!

And I'll do my best to keep it out of this blog.

On a happier note, I finished the dish rags that I made with cotton yarn that I found in perfectly fitting colors for my "new" kitchen. 

Ann Wilkinson left a comment the other day asking for a close-up of the clock face that my mom embroidered, so here it is:
It really is charming, isn't it?

And last year I was contacted by an Online Community Specialist in Switzerland about using one of the images I shared on for the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona. It was a photo of balls of plarn that I had made. Needless to say I consented with delight. I was promised a copy of the poster ... and I received two copies of it yesterday:

How freakin' cool is that? 

And today I received a copy of Artful Blogging and I'm gonna grab a cold home brew and page through this stunning magazine now. Ciao!


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today the elements came to me, lovers that they are ... and they spoke to me ... they whispered in my ear ... and I shushed them ... and handed my better judgment over. Jackass. Don't get me wrong, there are times when surrendering to powers outsides of our own ARE gestures of value, gestures that yield outcomes of value. Today, however, was NOT one of those days. Or was it?

I handed my Knowing, my Better Judgement over to a clan that has demonstrated time-and-again, over years uncountable, a consistent pattern of indecisiveness that ... while benign in (or void of) intention, frustrates me to utter distractedness ... and all too often steers head-on into foolish chaos. 

And so it was today. A party was planned for my sweet mother-in-law-and-wonderful-friend to celebrate her 80th birthday. A winter storm was both predicted and showing signs of reality. The Boy called JUST BEFORE we were thinking of heading out, just to confirm plans. The party was ON. I looked outside and thought to myself, "Fuck That." But he figured that the weather must be more agreeable down the hill and south ... and why not? We often realize weather here on the hill that those a half-mile down the hill are oblivious too. So we headed out.


Two hours later we were WALKING home, up the super-slippery hill, vehicle abandoned at the boat dock. 

The lesson? Well, there are unarguably more than a couple wrapped in the adventures of the day. One of them being: Don't shush The Lovers. And another:

And the party was cancelled. Apparently only moments after our confirmation call. Jackasses.

And I say that with love ... mostly ...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Wonderfully Awful Decision

Today I hung a clock in my kitchen that is a drastic mismatch to the new colors of the little room. It is such a contrast that it works perfectly. Oddly enough the gold plays off that bamboo-base to the floor, as well as the warm colors in the wood countertop, plus there are purple grapes embroidered into the face as well as a few shades of green.

But what compelled me to hang it here is not only is it a clock I recall from my pre-teen-kitchen memories, but it is an extremely rare collaborative effort of my mother and daddy - he made the clock and she appliqued and embroidered the face.

Now ... back to my crocheting ...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thirty-four Years of Memory

Thirty-four years ago my Daddy passed from this life. It hardly seems possible that that much time has lapsed. Ergo my suspicions of so-called linear time. It hardly seems possible that my own sweet spouse is one year away from the age he was when he moved on. It hardly seems possible that I'm not much farther behind.

I still miss you Daddy. So, so much. I miss your calm-coolness and quiet way of working through the challenges of life. I miss the scent of your Amphora Red pipe tobacco (imagine that). I miss your voice quoting lines from Shakespeare. I miss you reciting The Cremation of Sam McGee. I miss catching you acting out and singing along with your opera records. I miss sharing wood-working time with you in your workshop. I miss mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, and sipping the occasional cola with you. I miss meeting you at the pool and "racing" you home - you in your Buick, me on my Schwinn. I miss shopping with you for the perfect gift for Rita, both of us silently knowing that it would be returned or exchanged for some reason or another. I even miss those (loathsome) family vacations we would take. I miss all these things, and more. I miss the brilliant snippets of life wisdom that you would share with me - even if I didn't get them in the moment. 

I miss you holding me and sharing your perfect love. 

Thank you Daddy ... for all this ... and so much more.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tea, Connections, Healing Starts

Today I enjoyed several cups of this year's Winter Brew, a blend of cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, fennel seed and cloves. I made time to catch up on several loose ends, including over-due phone calls and straggling eCommunications. I had the sweet opportunity to engage in healing work and play with three folks - and that always feels good.

So now, as the day winds down for me, I invite you to join me ... make yourself a nice hot cup of tea, whatever you fancy, and sip it slowly ... savoring flavor, aroma, warmth and steam ... savoring love.

Ashe. Peace.

Dum Roll Please ...

The Research Randomizer chose number 41 as our give-away whimsy winner ... 
and so the winner is ... 

Congratulations Cora!!! You'll be receiving both the red and pink Spirited Book Markers. Yay!!!

So everyone - thanks a bunch for playing - now go leave Cora some love and maybe a book recommendation or two! Peace.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Progress, Tea & a Bookmark

This morning's "poison" message cascaded into additional effort for the journey ahead. I wove the vial into a short "scrap" spirit cord, giving the poison arms that reach for only the medicine of love. The vial was then wrapped in my long-loved Protection spirit cord, for reasons that feel obvious enough to require no words. A yellow candle was lit on my mantle altar and I was able to continue with the doings of my day. 
The late morning brought a sweet friend through my door. I shared tea as she shared bits of her sacred experience in Belize working with Rosita Arvigo in the realm of spiritual healing. I treasured this, for I can feel myself there - be it past or future - or all.
I began dismantling an old necklace that I had purchased some 15/20-years ago. I remember I liked it then because the leaves in it were made with used metal, one leaf still showing label. It was upcycled, long before the term made manifest. Well, I spun myself a page saver and will be making more soon. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop, for they will be showing up there soon.

And ... today is the last day to enter my Etsyversary Give-Away, so I hope you'll leverage that final little chance to win a little whimsy made by little 'ol me! Peace.

A Vial of Poison

Today I wake before daybreak, a delightfully odd consequence to retiring early. My first cup of coffee is consumed before the first glimmers of twilight. I love this time of day, for it is when I share deep intimacies and elemental journeys with my goddess of the crossroads … it is when I can jump with ease the hedges and skirt the realms and return with snippets of value. Today I return with a snippet that I might have preferred left behind. Yet, I asked for it. And so it goes. 

My query brought me to a realm that I rarely visit (consciously, anyway). It is a realm that is frequented by a few of my sweetest friends. It is a realm of our loved ones who have passed from “this” life. My query? In essence, I asked about "my family's" relationship to me and my laughing auntie gave me one very unexpected word: Poison.

As a healer I Know, without doubt or question, that the gap between medicine and poison is very often a fine, fine line. Likewise, I Understand that the gap may be a chasm.

In this moment I feel that both are right and true. And so they must be.

So today I create a vial of “poison” for my altar, upon which I pray for the wisdom to recognize the fine line, and strength and courage to leap the chasm.

Blessed Be.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Completions (I think)

I made the final (I think) layer on the floor. Even if I touch this up, I promise: No more photos here of this kitchen madness! But it's lookin' good, don't you think?

The Boy was away today, volunteering at Artwell, painting their walls and sprucing up the gallery for springtime and the great shows and upcoming events there. The still quiet was a welcome verve here in the little hut, and it served me well.

I played in my art journal and finished my Vulva Day meditation.

That's what I made today.

And go play Here!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Layers

Is my sharing my kitchen efforts boring you to tears yet? If so, please accept my apologies, but I'm really having fun with this project.

Today I sponged the contrasting dark over yesterday's paler layers. The dark ended up being a blend burnt umber, ultramarine blue and mars black mixed in a base of the cabinet green and the satin floor finish. The mood of that bamboo foundation layer has transformed and I can see it working. A second layer of the lavender went down on top of that. Tomorrow ... two or three more layering efforts ... and then The Boy can take over to complete the tops coats. And then ... we'll wait a few days for the floor to cure and harden and then ... then ... then ... I'll have my little kitchen back. Gods willing.

I filled a set of pages in my art journal. Pages that had some intentional "splashes" of my kitchen color. Playing in the art journal always feels good. Even when it's as basic as this:
That's what I made today.

With that - make sure you enter my give-away. The drawing will be Wednesday morning and you can comment each day until then to increase your chances for winning! 

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today I started painting my little kitchen floor. The Boy had laid down three layers of the warm bamboo floor paint, which looked very odd and out-of-place with the pale green cabinets, and dusty lavender and paler green walls. The voices reassured me ... each and every time I asked.
So I tested my technique on the test panel and got down to business.
The first layer of dusty lavender went down and I remained unconvinced, but the voices reassured me yet again.

Then I put a green layer over that and I started to feel a little more confident of the whispers that are guiding me through this project. Tomorrow I will add some much-needed contrast by mixing some raw umber with the green and continue the lavender and green layering over that. I'm looking forward to seeing the progression AND to putting on the final clear coat AND having my sweet, silly little kitchen back. Some day soon. Please Gods ... some day soon.

I think I'll spin some cords now, or maybe I'll crochet - but not before reminding you to enter my give-away ... only four more days 'til the drawing! Peace.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

False Starts

I made a scarflette in December for myself and ended up sending it to my mom. She thought she might like it. I sent it to her even though I knew what would transpire. She didn't care for the colors. She wanted - her favorite color - beige. So I picked up some yarn today and started a new scarflette for her.
I've already ripped this out and started over. Twice. Three's a charm! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doodle Starts & A Workshop Outline

That's what I made today. 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Win a Whimsy When?

Tuesday the 17th marks my one year Etsyversary and to celebrate I'm having a give-away. It's easy to enter - just leave a message to this post letting me know what you like most in my Etsy shop. You might win it! So click on the banner ... 

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I'll be drawing the winner on ... you guessed it ...Wednesday, February 18! 

So ... Let's play~

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today I labeled my January soaps and got them all put away in my soap drawer. In another month these bars will be ready to start using, but I still have plenty from the prior batch.
Other than that it was a day of errands and banking. Now ... I rest.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Connections & Completions

Grandmother moon kept me awake last night. She wanted to dance. I wanted to sleep. Neither of us were willing to negotiate. Talk about a stand-off. Even so, I felt pretty good today. The Boy made a really yummy golden breakfast of homemade whole-wheat curried biscuits with soft-boiled eggs, and carrot juice. Hot coffee too.

I was graced with an afternoon cup of tea with my friend Annie, and sharing that time with someone who has such a nourishing relationship with the angels seems to have splashed some of that angel verve onto me. You see, my plans for the rest of the afternoon shifted and I found myself visiting Peebles department store. As I walked through the doors I wondered, "Why am I here? It's never been my kind of store." I wandered the store as I recalled the Peebles of my youth ... and I remembered that it was one of my mom's favorite stores in Seaford, where I grew up ... and I remembered that her birthday is just a couple weeks away. I circled the store again, this time with my mother's eye - for fashion and a bargain. The angels smiled. I did too, as I found a pair of navy and white seer-sucker clam-diggers (that will likely be regular pants on my mom) and a cute little coordinating top, slashed 50% with an additional 70% off that. I'm leaving the tags on the gift, because you see, such savings are highly regarded by my depression-era mom, as much as the cute little outfit. So, both qualify as a meaningful gift. :)

Once home I sat down with my peace doodle

Prints are forthcoming.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today I made amends with my coconut oil process, and managed to prepare a gallon without incident. Thank the gods.
I also prepared my gift that will be just one little part of Granny Annie's Super Awesome Giveaway. Get over there and play, play play!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Few Things

I made a few things today, including a royal mess involving beautiful organic coconut oil, but we won't get into that. Let's just say that my newly painted walls will get a second washing tomorrow, and that I'm so very grateful for my sense of humor - and even more grateful for The Boy's sense of humor. 

To ground and center myself after the chaotic coconut drama, I did a little more drawing on that peace doodle and I spun a new little page saver. 

I still have some labels to design for my portion of Granny Annie's Super-Awesome Give-away! Check it out ... Time's a ticking ... you could be a LUCKY winner!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reflective Progress

Some of you might know that last year I invested some energy and made some life-magic to reconnect with my younger Self ... specifically my teen-Self, and at that time I understood that while this journey would yield creative bounty, it would not be without challenge.

It was through this effort that I reconnected, in a very tangible way, with the visually creative Self of my youth. It is that Self that inspires doodles like this one:

I connected with other aspects of that youth. During my teen years I suffered a number of injuries that cascaded from physical traumas realized earlier in my life. Like, from birth ... and onward. I realize now, that the recent back challenge that has surfaced for me is distinctly tied to this ... journey.

I was born with polio. It had a physical impact on my left foot and leg. Given the nature of polio, I'm quite delighted to be here ... "flaws" and all.

I went through two tendon transplants, and one (attempt at) "corrective" bone surgery before I was ten years old. Physical therapy wasn't what it is today and the ordeals left my left side weakened. Even so, I did my best to keep up with my peers and I did quite well. Then I broke my left knee and treatment was delayed (but that's another story). Then my knee would "slip out of place" from my teen years into adulthood. In those teen years I managed to break a few bones in my left foot too.

It is no surprise to me that my body is bent, tilted and twisted ... heck, those words mirror quite well how many folks might describe me in life. But now ... today ... I got to see pictures of my hips, my back and my neck and I Know the challenges that I have faced in my youth will support me well moving forward in this new phase of my life journey ... and while my ideal balance is atypical, I will seek it with a passion, and honor it with love.

So today I look back to a "past" drawing, style rooted in my youth, on which I am making progress ... and I look back on life experiences upon which I build, heal, learn and make progress.


Monday, February 2, 2009


A few months back I cut up a "peace doodle" which excited some of you so that I made a "new peace doodle." While I was happy with that drawing - as is, and even sold a print of it, I knew that I wasn't done with it, so I filed it away.

Today, inspiration guided me back to it ...

... and so I expand on what was ... so that I might expand on what shall be ...

Ah, metaphor ... it is my life!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Giant ... Leap

Yep ... a giant leap!

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