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Monday, February 16, 2009

Completions (I think)

I made the final (I think) layer on the floor. Even if I touch this up, I promise: No more photos here of this kitchen madness! But it's lookin' good, don't you think?

The Boy was away today, volunteering at Artwell, painting their walls and sprucing up the gallery for springtime and the great shows and upcoming events there. The still quiet was a welcome verve here in the little hut, and it served me well.

I played in my art journal and finished my Vulva Day meditation.

That's what I made today.

And go play Here!


Kim said...

I enjoy seeing how the floor is transforming with each layer. And I love your vulva day refection.

Anonymous said... now looks like your kitchen floor is for the vulva day art...MY EYES ARE BURNING...OHHH THE

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should clarify..your artwork is magnificant. O'Keefe would be proud...but the gina thang...umm ya..gag >wink<

Unknown said...

great floor!! i cant wait to see it!! the kitchen colors are beautiful! so's the vulva day thingy ;)

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

LOL Ry - I more than understood with the first post! And I laughed! Thanks for that you fabulous medicine man, you!

Divaeva said...

beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

That is SUCH a wonderful floor! I missed the previous posts and had to look back...I'm amazed. I LOVE seeing other people's decorating efforts, especially when they're so creative and artistic. I'm in the throes of decorating my entire tiny house (650 sq ft) and it's so much fun!

Laura Rose said...

I'm with annie...definitely sacred divine feminine!! :)