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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today I started painting my little kitchen floor. The Boy had laid down three layers of the warm bamboo floor paint, which looked very odd and out-of-place with the pale green cabinets, and dusty lavender and paler green walls. The voices reassured me ... each and every time I asked.
So I tested my technique on the test panel and got down to business.
The first layer of dusty lavender went down and I remained unconvinced, but the voices reassured me yet again.

Then I put a green layer over that and I started to feel a little more confident of the whispers that are guiding me through this project. Tomorrow I will add some much-needed contrast by mixing some raw umber with the green and continue the lavender and green layering over that. I'm looking forward to seeing the progression AND to putting on the final clear coat AND having my sweet, silly little kitchen back. Some day soon. Please Gods ... some day soon.

I think I'll spin some cords now, or maybe I'll crochet - but not before reminding you to enter my give-away ... only four more days 'til the drawing! Peace.


S. Collier said...

can't wait to see this come together i love seeing peoples spaces.

Divaeva said...

i so can't wait to see the final outcome!

Unknown said...

oh i cant wait to see this! will it be done by our next gathering, do you think? :)

Kim said...

the voices are always right... I can't wait to see the kitchen complete.

Laura Rose said...

Blessed voices never lead us wrong.

Expressions By Devin said...

Cant wait to see the final product.It looks great so far.

tarabu said...

Are those metal cupboards? I LOVE metal cupboards!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

tarabu - no, they are heavy wood built-ins ... from the 1950s, so the drawer style resembles the metal cabinets of the day.

When we moved into this house, the bathroom cabinets were metal. And corroding - not ideal room for them. Even so, they lasted a LONG time.