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Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Layers

Is my sharing my kitchen efforts boring you to tears yet? If so, please accept my apologies, but I'm really having fun with this project.

Today I sponged the contrasting dark over yesterday's paler layers. The dark ended up being a blend burnt umber, ultramarine blue and mars black mixed in a base of the cabinet green and the satin floor finish. The mood of that bamboo foundation layer has transformed and I can see it working. A second layer of the lavender went down on top of that. Tomorrow ... two or three more layering efforts ... and then The Boy can take over to complete the tops coats. And then ... we'll wait a few days for the floor to cure and harden and then ... then ... then ... I'll have my little kitchen back. Gods willing.

I filled a set of pages in my art journal. Pages that had some intentional "splashes" of my kitchen color. Playing in the art journal always feels good. Even when it's as basic as this:
That's what I made today.

With that - make sure you enter my give-away. The drawing will be Wednesday morning and you can comment each day until then to increase your chances for winning! 


Anonymous said...

Looks great, I bet you are anxious to have your space back.

By the way, you've been tagged, go to my last post and read what it's all about - it's a fun little survey ;)

FreeDragon said...

At first I didn't get what you were doing by the way you were describing it but that last kitchen photo shows how beautiful your floor is becoming. I think having the kitchen just right is very important and I'm glad you are getting yours how you want it.

Unknown said...

how beautiful! i can't wait to see it finished! i love hte colors of hte cabinets, too!!

Laura Rose said...

not boring at all...I'm impressed you know how to do this and have the, not so much..

Divaeva said...

It looks beautiful Rose! I am in love with your color coices!

Ann Wilkinson said...

very, very inspiring! please be sure to post a photo when your project is complete.