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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Progress, Tea & a Bookmark

This morning's "poison" message cascaded into additional effort for the journey ahead. I wove the vial into a short "scrap" spirit cord, giving the poison arms that reach for only the medicine of love. The vial was then wrapped in my long-loved Protection spirit cord, for reasons that feel obvious enough to require no words. A yellow candle was lit on my mantle altar and I was able to continue with the doings of my day. 
The late morning brought a sweet friend through my door. I shared tea as she shared bits of her sacred experience in Belize working with Rosita Arvigo in the realm of spiritual healing. I treasured this, for I can feel myself there - be it past or future - or all.
I began dismantling an old necklace that I had purchased some 15/20-years ago. I remember I liked it then because the leaves in it were made with used metal, one leaf still showing label. It was upcycled, long before the term made manifest. Well, I spun myself a page saver and will be making more soon. Keep an eye on my Etsy shop, for they will be showing up there soon.

And ... today is the last day to enter my Etsyversary Give-Away, so I hope you'll leverage that final little chance to win a little whimsy made by little 'ol me! Peace.


Unknown said...

what a wonderful day that sounds like! its so nice to feel the sunshine..congrats again on your etsy versary!! :)

Anonymous said...

and one last comment for the evening. one of the night owl benefits.
haapy day! and godess bless