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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reflective Progress

Some of you might know that last year I invested some energy and made some life-magic to reconnect with my younger Self ... specifically my teen-Self, and at that time I understood that while this journey would yield creative bounty, it would not be without challenge.

It was through this effort that I reconnected, in a very tangible way, with the visually creative Self of my youth. It is that Self that inspires doodles like this one:

I connected with other aspects of that youth. During my teen years I suffered a number of injuries that cascaded from physical traumas realized earlier in my life. Like, from birth ... and onward. I realize now, that the recent back challenge that has surfaced for me is distinctly tied to this ... journey.

I was born with polio. It had a physical impact on my left foot and leg. Given the nature of polio, I'm quite delighted to be here ... "flaws" and all.

I went through two tendon transplants, and one (attempt at) "corrective" bone surgery before I was ten years old. Physical therapy wasn't what it is today and the ordeals left my left side weakened. Even so, I did my best to keep up with my peers and I did quite well. Then I broke my left knee and treatment was delayed (but that's another story). Then my knee would "slip out of place" from my teen years into adulthood. In those teen years I managed to break a few bones in my left foot too.

It is no surprise to me that my body is bent, tilted and twisted ... heck, those words mirror quite well how many folks might describe me in life. But now ... today ... I got to see pictures of my hips, my back and my neck and I Know the challenges that I have faced in my youth will support me well moving forward in this new phase of my life journey ... and while my ideal balance is atypical, I will seek it with a passion, and honor it with love.

So today I look back to a "past" drawing, style rooted in my youth, on which I am making progress ... and I look back on life experiences upon which I build, heal, learn and make progress.



Anonymous said...

Wow. I absolutely LOVE that peace 'doodle'... Frankly, I'd call it a great artwork.

How big is it? Regardless, it deserves a frame, and a 'comrad', i.e. some more paintings like this. Let me know if/when you make them and I'll come and have a look again.

This one is inspirational.

anyhow, my 3 cts worth


Unknown said...

aw, rose, does that mean you swing to the left? :) im looking forward to seeing you tomorrow...stay warm and safe and dry :)

Laura Rose said...

When I look at you, all I see is your beautiful goddess self!

Rocki Adams said...

I received a gift from a very dear friend during the holidays and it is a framed peace doodle! It is obviously your doodle! I'm honored to have it displayed on my studio wall!

I understand about challenges, in a different light than yours, but truly understand.


rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Rocki! How cool! I had wondered who that print was going to, :)