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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tea, Connections, Healing Starts

Today I enjoyed several cups of this year's Winter Brew, a blend of cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, fennel seed and cloves. I made time to catch up on several loose ends, including over-due phone calls and straggling eCommunications. I had the sweet opportunity to engage in healing work and play with three folks - and that always feels good.

So now, as the day winds down for me, I invite you to join me ... make yourself a nice hot cup of tea, whatever you fancy, and sip it slowly ... savoring flavor, aroma, warmth and steam ... savoring love.

Ashe. Peace.


Unknown said...

Lovely idea, the fenel seed has me yearning for some... I think I may have a little fennel tea hidingin th ethe cupboard!

Kim said...

Mmmmm, sounds like a great idea.

Divaeva said...

ah yes - relaxing - gotta love it! Worked all day - went to the gym - made some yummy ground turkey burritos and now chillin' with my baby! Life is f'ing sweet! <3

Laura Rose said...

Red raspberry leaf with lavendar is my new favorite.