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Monday, March 30, 2009


Today was a true-task-centered-day. Know what I mean? I have several deadlines and other linear-time-defined efforts to manage this week. So today I tended to bills, got a jump on month-end book-keeping, got a little more writing done on a Door Opener article, prepared some packages for tomorrow's mail, took inventory, compiled order lists, printed my Forest Folk Fest workshop stuff (a mere start), and honored the day by spinning one new Spirit Cord. No pic though.

Now I relax with a sense of accomplishment and a glass of brandy, as I listen to Blockhead Radio.

More tomorrow!


Kim said...

It always feels good to have those tasks done and out of the way.

Tammie Lee said...

so much begun
so much unending
love the touch of brandy

Divaeva said...

ah my sweet Rose - reading your blog reminds me to relax - chill out and take a moment to just "be" - I had the work day from hell (made an employee cry - but that's another story...) so came home - put up Pandora radio (Frankie baby station) it now plays Ella, I get a kick out of you - I pour my second glass of cab and pretend to be on your acre *wink* I remember life is sweet!