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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Way to the Gardens

I started separating the sedum for transplant.

I ended up with enough sedum to make a bed along the side of the garage, and I'm not done dealing with my sedum yet. 

The soil may be a bit too acid here for their liking, yet I feel confident that they will be pretty come autumn.

I had some leftover seeds that weren't stored in the best conditions, so I took a chance on putting them in the soil today. They are all cool-honoring plants, so if they sprout, they should be okay. After all, I have another four weeks -or-so before the last frost.

I lost a favored garden tool last autumn and today as I was working with my beloved machete I hit something, and reached for what I believed to be a rock only to discover ... my wee garden rake! The sun-loving fairies carried it to the Underworld for winter's keeping and brought it back to me with their springtime return. I love the fey that grace this little acre! 

One flower bed is raked, surveyed and prepped for growth.

And I relax by a wee fading ritual fire before heading back indoors for a nice hot shower and meal. 

Springtime blessings to you!


tarabu said...

FOUR WEEKS !?!?!?!?!? till the last frost! horrors!

I'm ever grateful that it's only getting down into the forties here tonight!

TiLT said...

I love my sedum! Planning to move some of them & my Black eyed Susans in about a month. Wonder if I'll find any lost tools? Of course, I think mine are hidden by the wee children of the home :)

Kim said...

What a great way to spend such a beautiful day.

Laura Rose said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

I have a black thumb - I could never do that! LOL

Anonymous said...

How nice it is to read of others' gardening efforts while we're having such rainy, blustery weather! But the sun will return again and my peas really enjoyed the rain! Those sedums will be beautiful there...I hope you post a photo of them in the fall!

Jiorji said...

sigh..i wish i had a garden to dig my hands in. At least i have a balcony and morning glories are going up soon :D

Unknown said...

I love sedum, so durable and lovely!

Anonymous said...

That looks great and what a surprise to find the rake again.
The sedum will look great. A lovely butterfly plant and the fairies love it too ; )
Have a wonderful day !!