Google+ What I Made Today: Taxing Completions

Monday, March 9, 2009

Taxing Completions

Today I finished my tax crap. Yay. Tomorrow morning I'll audit my completed efforts and get the little you-know-what-er in the mail to my CPA. 

That done, I can refocus my energies on creating some new art, starting my garden seedlings, continuing my plarn projects, upcycling some frames, refashioning some old clothes and firming up my summer workshop schedule. Among other things. Yay!


LiPeony said...

blech taxes... glad you finished with yours I had the family accountant do it... I am no good with math even with a calculator =(

FlightFancy said...

Congrats on getting the nasty taxes done! Now you can get back to real life.

Laura Rose said...

yuck, tax stuff. It's the one thing I'm procrastinating.

Kim said...

Yeah, it is alawys a relief when the taxes are done. Enjoy!