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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Myself Busy

Today was a day of many small tasks, so I made myself busy with all of them.

It all started with hot coffee as I observed, agitated and blessed my violet flowers macerating in the morning sun. It's amazing to see the change since Sunday . I strolled my morning gardens and took photos for tomorrow's exciting episode of In the Garden. That's right - photos for a radio show - puzzle that for a while. I baked two more loaves of bread, these with cracked wheat, amaranth and cocoa powder. I continued painting the Forest Folk directional sign I committed myself to. I'll finish that tomorrow. I hope. I did two oracle readings. I reviewed two client files that are long-long-long overdue for addressing. I've been neglectful on this front.

Before dinner, garden stakes for the new pea trellis were put up with the help of The Boy. I watered the newly planted seeds and seedlings as I prayed for suitable rain. Then, I marveled at just how GREEN everything is getting as we relaxed on the deck and sipped the last of our 2006 rhubarb mead.


pigatopia said...

what an aweome job you did staying busy today ;8)


Laura Rose said...

You always inspire me to eat healthier from our Mother with gratitude! busy thur morn ahead...i hope i can tune in...will do my very best!!:)