Google+ What I Made Today: Sail

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today, as the morning mists relinquish their power to a fierce summer sunrise, and the sunflowers bloom in my gardens, I set sail west down the Erie canal. Well, the New York thruway ... but the day feels so surreal, that a dream of sailing to lakes great is the gentler dream within my reach ... and so it is the one I conjure.

I will see you in a week-or-more (or less). Ciao!


paintingpam said...

Bon Voyage!!

Kim said...

Happy Journeys! May it be well with Mom.

Divaeva said...

Safe sailing my friend!
<3 the sunflowers - my all time fav!
See you in 8 days!

Tammie Lee said...

May your journey be all you wish of it. Your photo is so brimming with summer~


threadsofmagique said...

Have a wonderful, joyful week!

sage said...

Hi Rose.. just thought I'd stop by and say a quick hello to you today..

HOpe you have a Wonderful Trip!

Julia said...

Hi Rose,
You were The Apron Goddess for today!! I was so glad to visit your other sites and see what you offer. :)

Love the botanical stuff. I am a west coast botanist but plants are plants! Love the leaf imprints.