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Sunday, August 16, 2009

My way into the Woods

I was blessed - and cursed - with a morning hike. A blessing because this is something I love and haven't done much off these past couple of years, and something my body and spirit needs, and because I met some fine new folk in the bargain. A curse because I was up late the night before, sitting around a fire, sipping a bit more ale-n-wine-n-mead than was wise, leaving me dragging and dehydrated. It was hot this morning and hiking quickly became a challenge for me. I summoned the elements and found that air and earth and fire were quick to respond and that it was (surprise, surprise) water that was hiding from me. I did my best to work with what I had, occasionally chewing on a leaf of dandelion to kick up enough saliva to lick the salt from my lips.

The company I was with was gracious, hiking with no expectations outside of enjoying some time in woods and meadow and for that I was very grateful. I foolishly left my water bottle in my ride's car, but we shared some carried by another before one in our company split off to head home by another path. I sweated like I've not sweated in years. I climbed up one wee bit of rocky hillside which offered slick footing beneath the leaf cover. I quickly recalled the value of exposed roots and saplings, though I'm not as agile as I was. But who is?

We paused here and there along the way to take in some sweet vistas, visualize a little, and cool down in the shade. I had to ask to rest once, when we were mere yards to the entrance where we parked.

When I got home my water bottle was empty, my clothing drenched, my face remarkably flushed and I can't remember a shower that felt so good as the one that welcomed me home. The nap wasn't so bad either.

That's what I made today.


Divaeva said...

...sounds so wonderful! I drove home from the Bronx to more work crap to deal with...wish I went hiking instead!

Meghann said...

What a great hike (though I am sure you were sort of glad when it was over). I know those showers - where it feels you are washing the entire earth's worth of dirt and sweat off of you. You never feel so fresh and clean as after one of those showers. I hope your next hike goes better (and that you get some photos to share!).
Have a great day,

paintingpam said...

Dually inspired, it's time for my evening walk! See ya.

Tammie Lee said...

Wow, that sounds like an intense hike, that had wonderful moments. I have been dehydrated lately from enjoying a bit too much wine also. Hydrate hydrate hydrate.

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

It was a great morning and one that seems to have set the pace for the week ...