Google+ What I Made Today: Sprials

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today started as I spiraled into the kitchen to strained and cant a couple herbal vinegars. I also started a second maceration of a "fire cider" adaptation and made the first small batch of ground horseradish.

I spiraled into my dispensary for a final inventory check and to review the ToDo board in there.

I spiraled online to order some herbs and supplies, and also list three more new Figures of Love

A set of music inspired me to get out my poi socks and see if I could remember how to spin. I could. Barely. But it felt really good to move. Talk about spirals!

I spun into the garden for a quick harvest as I spiraled back into the kitchen to do some light cooking and preparations for supper.

I spiraled to my latest mixed-media ACEO works to check their curing progress. I spun some cleaning, tidying, organizing and even some procrastinating.

There was more ... but now ... I'm spiraling down ...


Nicole said...

I love the way you write ... this was wonderful to read. Thank you for allowing us in the share in your world!

Meghann said...

Wow, lots of spirals, I'm glad you didn't get dizzy after such a busy day! I hope you have dancing spirals in your dreams :)