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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today I wandered the woods and meadows with the dogs. Again. You see, I'm dog-n-chicken-sitting in the deeper - and higher - hills of my region. I don't have my usual connections for photos, so you'll just have to wait 'til I get back home for images.

When I first got here, I went to check on the chickens and Halley joined me. When she spotted them she set forth full-speed ahead, unaware of the wire fence and ::KaDaBoom!:: head first into the fence. She shook it off and ran around their run, only to discover one that had liberated herself. Thankfully, the soft-mouth of her half-lab kicked in as she attempted to retrieve. When I shouted "Drop!" she did and I was able to pick up the "liberated chick" and deposit her safely back into the run with her sisters. In any event, my mind keeps playing back Halley bounding into the fence and I just keep chuckling, wondering - as another has suggested - that her eyesight may be off a bit. Her sweet nose was scraped and it did swell that first night, but all is back to normal now and she's not quite as excitable around the hens. Thank the gods.

Today I wandered the meadows here on this hilltop with Halley, Dakota and Bear. We left the camera behind and simply gathered samplings of nature to press in the early pages of my Book of Mirrors. These will be used for ACEO and other artwork.

After the meadow hike we all wandered down the path into the woods to the pond, where we all cooled off a bit. On our way there I spotted several blooming plants at the woods edge and asked, "scullcap?" The plant said "no." On the way back, the plant taunted me as one that I "should" know. I was drawn to one and said aloud, "Not scullcap, eh?" and as I bent to take a closer look I asked, "then what?" and in a flash the plant responded and I knew ... lobelia inflata. I plucked a piece that the planted offered me and nibbled a flower and a few warm, peppery leaves and assured myself that if it is indeed lobelia, I would know by the time I returned to the house. And I did. For the plant voices were chattering all around me! I also looked it up. It was so good to experience this amazing plant ally again, for it doesn't grow on or around my little acre.

For supper I made an egg yoke sauce with garlic and fresh sweet basil, you know, like a Hollandaise-type-o-deal and poured it over some cooked orzo that was mixed with corn. When suppertime came. I popped it into the oven to heat through and then under the broiler to brown the top. This, served with a marinated four-squash salad and a cucumber salad and the rest of Gayle's melissa mead, made for a rich and delicious meal.

That's what I made today.


Jenn said...

What a lovely day!

Laura Rose said...

Sounds like a great summer day! Glad puppy is okay!

rose of Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

It *was* a great day ... but in the words of Elwood P. Dowd, "every day is a beautiful day."

Tammie Lee said...

Your day sounds full of summer treasures. Out door adventure, exploring, laughter and good food. Perfection.

storybeader said...

sounds like a great day! I love labs - we've always have had some mix, keeping up company in our home!

*aja said...

I love how plants like to drag out conversations - its like they don't want kind visitors to leave, so they prefer not to give straight answers right away. You day sound divine (as does that delicious sounding meal, yum!)